Thursday, November 08, 2007

Today I am Leo!

Do your kids go through a faze of being someone other than themselves??? Well Max does...he has had his moments of being being everything from Timmy the mouse, to Roxy the kitten, to Zoom Zoom the red racing name it he has "been it". Today he decided he was Leo, the boy who helps find things. He has been watching the Baby Einstein Mission series & the leader of the pack of children is .....Leo, a bright self starter.

Today it was my day to mind Maxi, so to help the Mama ease into the chores of the day, he got a treat this morning after breakfast & was allowed to watch a DVD. He couldn't believe his good fortune & I was rewarded with a big porridgy kiss & "thank-you are very nice!!!". I put the DVD on and went to tidy the kitchen, make beds etc. About half an hour later I went to peek on him & this is what I found....heeheehee!


Maxi had gone into Cas's room & scratched through her dress up kit, found himself these {glassless} frames which he had on to watch TV. I asked him why he was wearing glasses & was told with a {you can't be that dumb, mama...look on his face}...."I am Leo, the boy with the orange hair, who wears glasses & here are the rest of the team....June, Quincy & Annie", pointing around the playroom. He had gotten so engrossed in the story that he was acting it out...silly ' nana!

About two minutes after this I was promptly informed......

" Mama you must go to the kitchen & make
Daddy some food because he is very hungry!"

In other words I was being not-so politely dismissed, so he could be alone to watch his show.....definitely a Watson kid!! hahaha!

{a change of subject}


My brother & sister-in-law arrived safely after nearly 24hrs of traveling {the price you pay for less expensive air-tickets :o)} It was wonderful to see them....they were shocked at how grown up Max was....probably because the last time they were here, Max was only 6 months old. They have gone up country to spend some time with Mandy's parents & get some well deserved R&R. Hopefully they will be back in Cape Town in a couple of weeks & we can spend some real time together.

Anyway I hope you are having a fine day....I will chat
again soon.



  1. He is so cute, love those specs too. Joshua loved Kideo, while Caleb was very into Postman Pat, Hannah now loves the whole Disney channel, Hannah Montana is her number 1.

  2. how cuuuute! We love the little einstein's in our house too! We met quincy in Disney World this summer... He is so cute! love those glasses!


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