Monday, December 03, 2007

So much to do!

As promised I mentioned earlier that I would post again tonight if i could....well I am behind my laptop with mountains achieved today, although I do admit to being just slightly shattered by the volume of people in the malls already. I mean schools only broke up on Friday, one would assume that the least they could have done was sleep in today.
The good news is though, that I will probably not have to step foot in another mall until 2008....yeehaa! that is GREAT news in itself, in that I HATE the mall, especially when it is full of lurkers.
{definition being~ people who cruise the mall without purpose & stare aimlessly in store windows, just waiting for an opportunity to step in the way of any desperate mom type person, wielding a shopping trolley containing a yelling child.}

I am feeling quite organised at the moment & will start packing tomorrow....not that you would say so from the chaos on the floor of my bedroom. Max decided to put the suitcases to the test. He emptied everything into a pile on the floor and spent half the afternoon playing boats, rocket ships, hide 'n name it he tried it.

Max came to me this afternoon saying that he had all his friends ready to be packed.....that they all had to come.....I hesitated for a second before explaining to him that there was no oxygen in the cargo hold, so they wouldn't be able to breathe & that it would be better if they stayed at home. He agreed!

Whilst digging in the garage for suitcases I came across a suitcase of Maxi's baby clothes that I didn't know I still had. Max had loads of fun digging around in there. He came across a fluffy sleepsuit of his size 18-24mnths that I had cut the feet off of for extra wear. The next thing I see him wriggling into celebrate his success, he raced down the passage shouting:

"Look @ me, I am a super hero!!"

We are all so looking forward to this trip. I must just get through the next couple of days with insurance companies, glass companies {replacing our shattered door etc} & then I can relax & get into the holiday mode.

I will keep you posted.


  1. Why can't you just say "NO!" like a normal mother. Then (said with a gentle head shake) you marvel when he absorbs things by verbal osmosis. Next he will be loading his pets in with extra oxygen, just like the fishes needed water. Quite scientific of the both of you.

  2. I realised with hindsight I probably did much the same when it was just me and Josh, however with the two strong-willed schemers that were born later it makes me just say No!
    BTW I love the pic of the day - I forgot to mention that.

  3. I must have missed your posts! when I visited last there were no changes. Oh me gosh Friday you are out of here! will we see you before then?


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