Thursday, April 24, 2008

Daytime dating!

I was treated yesterday to a day time date with my bloke. He decided it was time to get out of the office & 'smell the roses'.....& take advantage of being a business owner. Being a rare windless day in Cape Town, we headed to the beach for a coffee with a view of False Bay. The restaurant, 'the Empire Cafe', used to be our old haunt pre-kids, so it was fab! to be in familiar seeing an old friend again & talking about old friends, we met up with some very dear people there that we hadn't seen in ages. They joined us & the morning ended up being wonderful fun, with 2 hours of non-stop conversation....big people was heavenly hahaha!The Corner surf shop (a legend in the Cape Town surf circles) was right near where we had parked, so T spent a good long while 'oggling' at the surf boards. So many of the new range has real wood grain the vintage boards from the 50's. They were AMAZING & if I ever had to learn to surf...I want one of those :o)
This photo is for my Mum & Pop's.....guys look what we found in Shoprite...'Laxa' (laxative) tea packaged all la-di-da~ hahahaha! When T & I saw it we laughed so hard. What next??

Have yourselves a super day & if possible try & grab a moment alone with your other half; to chat eye to eye, connect & feel like big people again. No matter how short whether in a restaurant or in the car with a flask of coffee @ the end of the road. It is a necessary thing to put aside the business of life & even if just for a moment.... hold hands & just be together!


  1. Isn't it great when you get to be adults and spend time together! :) I love the pictures, what a great time you must've had! :)

  2. Fab KJ, wish we were there, but we're not so we enjoy the pics. La De Dah my hat what next, 'LUxa' to freshen the stomach (:-]
    Glad Maxi received his parcel, we thought it had gone AWAL - away at langa....!!

  3. Bliss...
    Yesterday was Rob's birthday. We had nice relaxing day. I'm not feeling well, so we just stayed home, but it's nice to be together!

  4. You are so sweet! x

  5. ha ha having lots of 1x1 time with hubby!!!


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