Friday, April 18, 2008

Lame excuses!

You know how some times the things your kids say, leave you red faced & mumbling all sorts lame excuses in an attempt to explain your actions. Well this was one of those moments...well sort of.

Maxi is a neat kid, he tidies up after himself, puts his dirty clothes in the wash hamper, takes his shoes off & puts them straight into his cupboard, reads books & puts them back in the book shelf etc, etc. I almost never have to remind him to do any of the above.

The conversation went a little bit like this:

Me~ Maxi, your play room looks amazing. WELL DONE!! for tidying up.
Max~ It was very messy Mama, but now it is lovely & neat now. All the cars are in their buckets & all the blocks are in the wagon. I think it looks GREAT!
Me~ You are right babes it looks great!!!
Max~ Mama, are you going to tidy up your scrap table??? It is very messy & there is alot stuff on it.
Me~ Uuum! (me now feeling daft...trying to explain myself to him...why I felt compelled to do this, I don't know)
Me~ You see babes....I have been very busy with some scrap pages & I need my table to be messy so I can find stuff (there is some logic in this I promise).
Max~ (Looking at me in silence)......No mama, that is an 'unacceptable excuse' (hahahaha! my words being thrown back in my face), you'd better tidy it or Aunty Sarah will be very cross with you!!!
Me~ OK, are right, I will tidy it up now.
Need I say any more???


  1. WHere are all the los? x

  2. Go Max Go....Go Max Go....Pops will be very happy about the tidying bit....hee hee

  3. probably being sent off for pub or submission! :) My desk always looks like that.

  4. It's a beautiful mess...I'm glad you shared that! I've heard the philosophy that children don't want to clean up, because they've arranged their things in a certain fashion, and KNOW where everything I know it's time to clean up, when someone gets upset if they CANNOT find something!

    I can't wait to share my NEW scrap space with you. It's still in the works.

  5. LOVE that conversation. Sometimes kids can be so wise.

  6. Too funny. Neat freaks. All of you. I was born into the wrong gene pool. Max would have apoplexy here!

  7. GOTTA love it!!! From the mouths of babes, i tell ya!!!


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