Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Challenge time....

A good friend of mine & I were chatting over the weekend about scrapping. We have both come to the conclusion that motivation usually gets us amped to scrap more. A page call, RAK, L.O feature, etc, etc. So I have decided to put up a weekly challenge to motivate us......there are no major prizes but a small RAK is always good for the soul. All who do the challenge by next Wednesday & email me a copy of it, will get their L.O's featured here with a link to their blog.....keen??

The first L.O is one from the latest issue of Simple scrapbooks. Let's do it about someone we admire...either someone we know...or not for that matter.

Come on will be fun. Let me know if you are going to play along!


  1. Very cool, yes that sandwich looked gross, besides the bread, that looked amazing. YUM!

  2. Sounds like fun....but we are going on vacation in a few days, so I don't know if I'll be able to join in.

  3. Anonymous28 May, 2008

    yeah - so glad you found me Kim.... love your blog and will definately pop by now. Thanks for saying hello, yes indeed quietly scrapping away in my corner of africa but I am always behind on my deadlines... so frantically busy at the moment. stay in touch OK, I will try too... chiow

  4. I have a layout that I've done recently on someone I admire, does that count??? If so, here's the link:

    If not, it's ok.

  5. Sorry I didn't see I was supposed to comment first, I just did it without commenting so that's gotta count too. Am delighted that you encouraged me and the mojo is flowing Baby ~ Yeah!

  6. Dang! i wasn't around (haven't been around for a couple of weeks... life, you know???), otherwise I would've participated! Well, if you do another challenge, I will have to take a shot at it!!!

  7. Wow, am I glad you postponed the deadline for this challenge! It has been on my to-do list since you posted it. I have just been so busy. I hope I understood the challenge correctly, lol. You said to email it to you, but wasn't sure how, so I just linked it to my blog. I hope that is okay.


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