Saturday, May 03, 2008

He's 4!!

Maxi's birthday was a blast......literally hahaha! All who attended, both kiddlets & parents alike, enjoyed themselves thoroughly. We had plenty of delish food & home bakes, 2 enormous jumping castles & a bucket full of laughs. The joy I witnessed on the face of Max & his little guests at the unveiling of the 'Rocket cake', was worth all the effort & late nights. Tersh did such an amazing job of shaping & icing the bloke is such a star!!!

It has been a whirlwind last couple of days after the party, with this weekend being an extended one. We have done not much but relax and enjoy each others company, so not much in the way of yummie news I am afraid other than Maxi's delicious cake.

Here is the recipe for anyone who loves chocolate:

Pre-heat your oven to 180C or 350F

3 cups all purpose flour
4tsp baking powder
1tsp baking soda
2 cups any regular sugar
1/3-3/4 cup cocoa (depending on your preference)
1/2tsp salt

Mix all dry ingredients together in a big bowl & make a 'well' in the middle.

2 1/4 cups boiling water
(optional~ dissolve 1Tsp coffee powder into the boiling water. Coffee enhances the chocolate flavour)
3/4 cup oil or melted margarine/butter/fat replacer
1tsp vanilla

Mix all liquids together & pour into the well in the dry ingredients.
Mix well with a spoon, making sure to keep batter aerated.

Take 1 Tsp white vinegar & mix well into batter (this replaces eggs)

Pour batter into a well greased pan (+-20cm length)...bang out air bubbles.
Cook for about 20min or until firm but springy to touch.

Ice with soft butter icing while still warm.
(2Tsp butter + 2Tps cocoa powder+ 1 1/2-2 cups icing/powdered sugar).
Sprinkle with chopped walnuts & allow to cool.

Voila!!~ delicious, sticky, very chocolaty, browny type cake.



  1. I am amazed at that cake! WOOOW! I will have to try it out. So glad it was a great birthday! love to all of you from Hawaii! We are heading out to a craft fair today!

  2. That cake is gorgeous (I bet he loved it!) and all the stars around it! Perfect! You're an awesome chef...

  3. Looks stunning!
    NB my birthday is the 22nd July and I love Eyeore...
    nothing like advance notice.
    Well done on the cake and the pics, lovely post.

  4. Looks like a blast!!!

  5. Anonymous05 May, 2008

    Cake looks awesome Kim. It does not surprise me that Tersh shaped that so well. Looks like a fun day and Max will look back on these pics in years to come with much glee xx

  6. Lets hope that Telkom (SA post office service to all those US of A folks) delivers some presents in the next few days, can't believe Maxi hasn't received his gifts....

  7. Happy B-Day, Max!!! Belated again, but hope it was happy, none the less!


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