Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have never done a movie clip here goes!

{A little snippet to start your day}

I hope it worked.....?

I'm off to help my friend Jo with her Virgin make-up presentation. It's going to be loads of fun, so I'll blog again later


  1. Tell Max his "cousins" from the planet Brackenfell say "aloha" too.
    I really thought he was going to say Joscie, so Lilo and Stitch was a surprise!
    Also loved the hands keeping the pants up.

  2. very cute! the wee one "live"!!!

  3. Anonymous22 May, 2008

    Kim, LOVED watching this. Especially loved hearing the SA accent again. How easily we forget! Love to ya'll xx

  4. That was soooooooooooo cute!!!! I love it! :) I am going to have to do a clip too. I was thinking Jordan doing his REd alert... :)

  5. Anonymous22 May, 2008

    Missing person call- Anyone seen a smiling lady with the smell of cookies on her. Last seen heading behind her scrap wall armed with photos. Missing for a few days now. She is armed with a glass of diet Pepsi and can go without sleep for long periods of time...

    Proud of you sweetcheeks!

  6., so nice to hear your pretty accent! It's been a bit chilly here, too, looks like we have the same weather, but summer IS coming for us!

  7. Sooo, where is the photos of the Virgin demonstration?


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