Thursday, May 08, 2008


I was so spoilt this morning by two amazing girls, who I am privileged to call friends. We drank delish coffee, ate gorgeous food & had a fine time doing what we do best....YAK!
It is so great having friends where conversation is never a problem, we are all at a similar place in our lives, we all scrap & have blogs we love to update. It was the formula for a FAB! morning.

Girls thank you so much for the thoughtful pressies & excellent are both complete STARS!!!
PS: Jo & Anita, you were missed but we will do another morning like this soon XXX


  1. Hey we really do all look fab. Please note I am a little pinker than the two of you, I am calling that my "European tan". Lovely morning, thanks for everything.

  2. How awesome! you make me giggle about being pinker and that being a tan. Come to hawaii, we're just off the equator, the sun lives here :) I'll make the coffee and get some yummies to snack on!

  3. Go for it KJ - fly to hawaaii for for delish snackies, eats look very nice

  4. Anonymous08 May, 2008

    Hey looks like a great time together. Where were you, the food looks delicious? I'm thinking there must be a whole load of new places in the Cape now that I do not know about xx

  5. Oh no, looking at the food I should definitely have been there! Glad you had fun.


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