Thursday, June 26, 2008

#3 RAK winner is.....

Our guest selector "Clucky-benylin-phil-notty" the toad, pulled the name out of the hat in record time.

Well done Paula......!

Your little 'something' will be in the mail soon. The soonest I will post the next challenge, is later today, because I am about to head out with my bloke on a day time date. Not having PM baby sitters, we catch a day time date everynow & then and are heading to Cavendish for lunch at the Gourmet Burger...thanks for the tip Jo!
So thanks again for all the beautiful L.O's submitted are all STARS!!!


  1. Love the photo, thanks for bringing a smile to my otherwise day. Trust you and T have an awesome date!

  2. Great toad picture. Totally great.

    Daytime dates are fabulous!! Enjoy your burger. Eat some fries for me (so I don't!)

  3. YAY, ME!!!! TOAD-ALLY COOL! It's funny, I was thinking that it would be nice to win something on my B-DAY, so you just made my day!!! :)


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