Friday, June 27, 2008

Photo stream #2

Time for my photo stream no #2. Jessica challenged us all to try it here goes:

The place from where I blog....well at the moment anyhow. It is so cold these days that I moved all my electronic stuff from upstairs in my hubbies loft office, to my dining room table. I know it looks like a dogs breakfast...but I'd rather deal with a couple of wires than freezing my ass off.

My kitchen junk there you can find...light bulbs, batteries, spare bike tyres, filter jug filters, sticky tape & loads of stuff I haven't looked at in months.

And seeing as a couple of you were concerned I had tidied up before the last shoot & we are talking about messy places....this is to prove I didn't. All the stuff that lies kiddies art stuff, kiddies art, kiddies school projects...etc, etc, gets stashed in this cupboard...see no tidying going on in there.

My favourite jewelry....I am not one for much bling, so my wedding ring comes up tops.

Otherwise I am a plastic bead girl....the more the merrier.

My favourite part of me....hmmm! hard eyes I suppose. I am really grateful that at 39 I have very few lines...yikes! this pic is really the naked truth.

And lastly my kerb house. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my started as a horrible 80's face brick house that had little or no character & over the last 5 years T & I have renovated & tweaked it to exactly what we wanted. We love living here.

Well I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour...I'm off to go and look at everyone else's.
Have a super day!x


  1. Love this post.
    Mmmm! I suppose I should be following suit hey?
    PS you do have lovely eyes too.

  2. cool pics! Maybe I'll try to do that challenge this weekend??? I also like your sketch so maybe I'll try to scrap this weekend do have lovely eyes. Mine are a similar color, which is unusual...I wonder if we're related??? :)

  3. Wow - you've got gorgeous eyes doll! Love all your pics - nice to get a little peek into your real world every now and again. :)

  4. I actually thought the ice cream challenge was AWESOME, both look great, so I'll have to get busy...
    Your eyes are SO beautiful! I love your necklaces, too!!!

  5. Oh, and I wanted to comment on your eyebrows, I've thought before they were so nicely shaped!!!

  6. I agree with your choice of best feature--great eyes!

    I like the peek into the craft cabinet--that is going to be an assignment one of these days.

    Your house is so unique! So much natural light...

    your ring is very cool.

    So glad you let me come to visit!

  7. Thanks for sharing your real life!! Hey, how do you get the signatures on the photos? I would like to do something like that to mine, but I'm not sure how to do that. Please LMK if you can.

  8. Did I tell you I LOVE to take little peaks into your home? Love your style! Thanks for sharing!

  9. love the pictures you post. It always reminds me of a magazine design.
    your eyes are beautiful quite the close up! No wrinkles to be found. But if there were, no biggie, right! We are young and happenin' no matter what we look like.


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