Monday, June 09, 2008

Spice it up!

My cute kid does like a hundred cool & interesting things in a day...all of which I could never note down or photograph for that matter. This one however, I got on camera.

He decided watching TV on the couch was too boring, so he opted for the squished inside a red plastic bucket, with a large fluffy blankie approach. Can't say it was too comfie but he couldn't have cared less because he stayed put for the duration of Max Lucado's: "The praying mantis who couldn't pray" DVD. He even ate his rice cake & cheese snack in there. Max...uniquely himself even in the most mundane of daily chores.

Find the fun stuff in your day to focus matter how small.


  1. so cute! We haven't seen that dvd... but we are hermie and wormie fans here. :) sweet sweet boy! Hope you're all keeping warm! :)

  2. He really is a very creative little thing! It is wonderful when our kids use their imagination!

  3. What fun pictures! =) Love them!


  4. Creativity from his Mama and artistic ability from his Dada and good looks from his Gramsy :-0

  5. Sweet little Max!!! Love how creative he gets... he looks ever so CUTE!


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