Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Under the weather!

Yip that's me....holed up in bed.....minus voice & sense of humor. I am tired of being in bed...I can almost feel my ass getting bigger every extra second I stay sitting on it hahaha!
Was' ass' swearing? Oops! oh well!
The worst thing about me getting bad flu is losing my happens every time I get sick (which thankfully not that often these days). Max thinks it is hysterical & keeps shouting at me thinking I can't hear him because he can't hear me so good. My boys are both being ridiculously kind tho' & have left me to recover in bed......with no chores to do. I am so grateful for them both.
This has been my view since yesterday arvi until now.....could be worse I suppose.Today is Wednesday....which means the challenge was supposed to end today. I am extending the deadline to me a chance to finish my L.O too. So anyone keen tostill join's your chance. Thanks to Steph, Christina & Mel who have sent me their L.O's already.

My sweet child came home with a little trophy the other day. He was the best at Playball for the week & got to bring it home with him. He was SO chuffed with himself, I haven't heard the end of it. Even though they are only 4, the competitive side of all the kiddies in his class is quite something to witness. They put so much extra effort into Playball in an attempt to be the 'winner' & owner of the MR Sporty Trophy for a week & if they aren't selected, the comments & grumpy attitudes that emerge from the rest of them cracks me up. If this is happening at 4...what will it be like at 14?????
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Well guys that's the end of my riveting post. I'll be back soon.....:o) I love 'Arni' movies.


  1. feel better! And thanks for the enabling!!!

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  3. Anonymous04 June, 2008

    Kim, I do hope you rest up and get better soon. Scott and I caught a flu bug after a visit to Mexico, so I can relate especially since we never normally get sick. I'm still coughing. Glad the boyz are taking care of you xx

  4. Anonymous04 June, 2008

    Hey im-patient the patient. Glad to see you had energy for a blog. This one really took you out at the knees (your voice is in your knees?)

    You are worth spoiling and deserve a break from the triplet called Max! hehe.

    Hope the occasional comment from Uni Animous makes your day...

  5. Sickness sucks. bUt at least the guys are giving you some R and R. You will be up and aboot in no time. xx

  6. You poor thing....i hope you feel better soon!!!!


  7. I HATE colds... you just feel so miserable! I hope you get better soon!
    Love those curls of Max, he looks just adorable peeking from the side of the trophy!
    Thanks for the heads up! I'll have to go take a looksie!


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