Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Day time date!

Last Friday lunch time, T & I went on a gorgeous date. We hit the 'fancy' Cavendish Square mall where all the larny's hang out. Upon arriving there i realised it has been about a year & a half since I have been there...which is flippin' sad seeing as it is a mere 20 minutes drive down the highway. I can't believe I have actually become on of those 'stick-to-your-comfort-zone 'kinda Mommies.....doubly sad!!
Anyhow we had a grand time...we held hands, yakked up a storm & looked at very expensive stuff in shop windows that I will never ever go into. Nothing grabbed us so we had a cheap run...& got no actual retail therapy done....not a bad thing tho' looking at the prices. The world's gone MAD if they think those prices are justifiable.

Our super hip restaurant was worth every cent.....each delicious mouthful was heavenly. We will definitely be back there soon.

The decor was fantastic....black & white wallpaper, clear perspex chairs & chrome.

The view from the window out onto the walk way & open market below.

Honey perusing the menu...difficult decision because everything looked so YUM!!

Me trying to do my thin look.....didn't work tho! hahaha!

Tropical fruit & chilli burger.

Mushroom burger....which was 10 out of 10!
Nothing like a burger meal & good company to make a rainy day brighter.


  1. that looks yummy and a cute place! You do look thin, but if you want an added advantage, try the camera above you, looking down. I use the angles as often as possible... :)
    I hope maxi is doing better... please let him know his aunty and cousins send their aloha his way xx oo xx

  2. I agree with Joscie you do look thin. Glad you two had such a fun-tastic time. Food looks fab.
    Thanks for dinner tonight too. Love from a "stick-to-my-comfort-zone and proud-of-it-Mama!"
    Will kkep lifting Max in prayer - shame the poor guy really not looking 100%.

  3. Sorry to hear Maxi still struggling. Looks like you and T had a fab time, just what you needed before this onslaught huh? Great pics of a great looking restaurant....me thinks the two-big-browns may be headed out that way sometime.

  4. Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Oh KJ the burgers look delishhhhh - only thing is I'm a bit 'fetchies' (fat for those in the northern hemisphere)I suppose I could walk off the fries and jog away the bun and stretch off the burger patty...see ja soon - lots of luv

  6. Sounds like you had fun Kim! I can't see the photos (this darn blocker at work!) Will be sure to take a look tonight. You always take such beautiful photos on your outings! :)

  7. What a fun place!!
    We had burgers last night too, but we grilled them ourselves. There's nothin' like a cheap date at home with 4 kiddos!

  8. That's funny. I'm not really a hamburger person, EXCEPT for this place where they have a mushroom burger with Blue Cheese... it's delicious! But it doesn't look HALF as good as that one!

  9. Oh Dear.. Now I'm hungry


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