Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I'm late with posting the L.O's for challenge no #6, I know! Sorry guys but my life has been a bit hectic over the last week with my family being here, so I haven't had any time for scrapping....I'll do it tomorrow, OK!
Thanks for understanding, you're the best!

P.S My quote of the day~ Life according to Max.
Mama, I love buildings & I love art; they are so beautiful to look at!
(this was said whilst we were driving past some lovely period buildings in Muizenberg)
4 yrs & appreciating architecture...I wonder what lies in store for us?


  1. We'll forgive you 'cause life is for the living, enjoying, savouring and if you don't take the time to smell the roses how can you explain roses to someone who doesn't know. Wow - where did that come from?
    We have so much to appreciate hey?

  2. soak up your family, and give them hugs from me too! How cute is max!?!

  3. YAY, Max!!! As long as he gives me a nice "VIP" treatment when he's a top notch architect, we'll all good!

  4. Hey Kim, sounds like you're having a great time with the family. I miss my UK family too! I need to win a competition or something so we can go over for a visit. (I'm now 9 weeks pregnant - due end of Feb.)

  5. Hey Kim, looks like you are having an amzing time with the family... and your parents live in Southampton? As in Southampton, Hampshire? Its where I was born and did a heap of growing up!!


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