Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This week...

the RAK winner is.....
**Well done** and it was your first L.O submitted for the challenges. Mail me your address when you get a gap sweetie, so I can send you a little thank-you 'something' in the post.
As promised challenge #6 is as follows:

A multi photo L.O as seen in Simple Scrapbook mag...May issue (I think). They have used the grid method & kept the photo's or embellishment blocks all the same size. One designer interpreted the idea into circles which is great too. See how the designer of the 2nd L.O has cleverly cut her background paper into the block grid, keeping the design in the right sequence. I also like how the 3rd L.O has stitching criss crossed to create it's blocks.

So this is what we need to try & include:
  • A minimum of 9 blocks....photo's or otherwise is fine. The more blocks you use the more challenging the L.O.... did you notice that the 3rd L.O idea has x25 :o/
  • At least x2 different printed papers + whatever plain card stock you need.
  • At least 4 stickers (alphas don't count :o)
  • Stitching....either machine, hand, stamp or rub-on is fine.
  • Use your handwriting somewhere.
The deadline for the L.O's is the 22nd July.
Have a great day!!


  1. this looks like a good one, maybe this week will be less insane and I can participate!!!

  2. I love this challenge! I know I already have one that fits the bill. here
    I will also try to make another :)
    hope you're all doing well! :)

  3. Tell Tersh he can't spell... it is S T E F A N I E, I'll answer to Steph too though.
    Mumble Grumble... I'll try my very best. 4 stickers hey?

  4. i've got one that fits perfectly! Haven't shown it yet, so it'll work.

  5. I have a lo similar to this in my inspiration folder and wanted to do one but haven't gotten around to actually doing it - now you've kickstarted me into doing it - this week! I love this grid design. The stickers part will be a challenge thoug - I have so many from my early scrapping days and never use them anymore. Thanks Kim!

  6. AWESOME challenge!!! I don't think I have one of these... or maybe I do??? I'll look up and see, but I definitely can make another one!
    Congrats to Misty!!!

  7. Anonymous16 July, 2008

    hi kim

    does this one qualify?


    it is a layout i made this week, co-incidentally it seems to be a similar yet different idea.

    let's see: minimum 9 blocks - it has 12, or 18 if you count the ones behind the big photo. 3 printed papers and cardstock, and handwriting. check!

    it doesn't have stickers, but it does have rub-ons. and no stitching...

    darn, think i'm disqualified...

  8. Guess, what? I've been scrappin' with friends today and this is my first chance to log on! I'm honored by the random winning! WHOO HOOO! Hmmmm...interesting challenge. We'll see what I can manage.

  9. Here's one that I made... I really enjoyed the challenge!


    <3 Brit


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