Sunday, July 13, 2008

Time to kick back.

The pressure of waiting for the Cocoa Daisy/Ali Edwards July kit to arrive was awful, so when it finally did last Wednesday...I was amped to get all my L.O's done & out. Now that my DT responsibilities are finished for July......I can relax, at least until the August kit arrives.
The L.O's aren't up on the forum yet but as soon as they are I will post a link, so you can have a squizz :o)

We took advantage of the lovely sunny weather today & headed to the beach for breakfast. We went to a modest little spot called the 'Gaslight Cafe' on Muizenberg promenade. It is a unpretentious, basic little place where we can relax with Max running around....unlike the fancy, popular spot, Knead, 100m down the road with their fancy decor, patronage & prices. We had a fantastic, laid back breakie, before heading home for a visit with the 'Semple cousins'.

Our 'kuier' (translated~visit together) was wonderful as always. The high light being our walk through the neighbourhood to the nearby park. The kids although much older than Max, were stars with him & everyone had a blast.
Max is now seated in front of a DVD....getting his alone time slot which he loves...while I blog and my bloke is shimmying around on our roof in an attempt to re-bandage & waterproof areas that are letting water in.All in all a great weekend to get us prepared for the start of 'school' again tomorrow.
Life back to normal. Have a goodie guys!!


  1. Sounds like a lekker rustige time...just what you needed after your scrapping frenzy. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour!

  2. The neighbourhood walk (and a peek at the cocoa daisy lo's) was the highlight of our day too. Shame we popped on to the other cousins (Semple side), I ate apple pie and custard and promptly fell asleep in the lounge amongst all the chatting. Very unlike ~me can't believe I still feel sleepy.
    Lovely pics, thanks again.

  3. Wow, school tomorrow. Looks like you had a great time. My kiddos go back on August 20th. I'm dreading letting my baby girl go to Kindergarten. Wahh! I really want to play along with your newest challenge. I have something in the works and will hopefully finish today.

  4. What great pictures! Love the husband peeking through the chimney pipe. Glad you had a rejuvinating day. We all need those.

  5. Oh poop - I really miss the fun of going out for breakfast! We don't do that over here... I think the freezing cold may have something to do with it!! :)

  6. SCHOOL???? What do you mean, school? You guys are already going back to school? I tell ya, here in Montgomery the kids go to school from September (basically, the last two or three days of August) to May... is Max going to a preschool or Kindergarten?


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