Thursday, July 03, 2008

Utterly shocking!

As quoted from Mel's blog.

"If anything will make me leave South Africa ( a land I adore and people I love) - this is it. Read more on
Allie's blog.
Just makes me so sad and so utterly furious that we are a golden nation ruled by bloody fools. And criminals.
No wonder we are down to a 5% white population."

This is reality of life in South Africa folks :o(


  1. awe man! Sorry.
    I've always wondered if you were born there or how you happen to come to live there. I find life down there very interesting.

  2. It's such a shame to see such a beautiful country threatened from within... It happens all too often, though, and all too close to home sometimes. One of the reasons for coming back to the USA and leaving Mexico is the corruption of their government. And the crime rate was also rampant. A shame, I tell you.


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