Thursday, September 25, 2008

How about another scrappy challenge#10?

I was thinking it was about time for another scrappy challenge. What do you think?
Well I was on the Scrapbook etc website earlier...& came across the section encouraging people to make their own stamped background using I don't know if you are anything like me when it comes to stamps.....I LOVE the darn things...I drool over them, I covet them, I watch the press for new ones coming out...but hardly ever use them. Why you might be asking??? I am ashamed to admit it's because I don't want to mess them or my L.O up, if I make a mistake. They just look so cute, all crisp & clean in their wrappers to take them out & cover them in ink...seems so fundi{mental}ly wrong...mental being the appropriate word here :o)

So today is the day!! The day I take at least 5 different ones out of their wrappers & use them on a L.O....come-on gals who's with me?

{5 stamps on one L.O, that includes the background being stamped}

I have some amazing examples for you to oggle at for inspiration:

Shannon Tidwell stamped her journal lines onto the base to create a functional pattern.

Amy Yingling stamped & then used embossing powder to create texture.

Erikia Ghumm stamped onto patterened paper in a darker colour to create this amazing L.O!

Laura Kurz cleverly only stamped a small section of her background paper for this minimalistic look & feel.

So guys are you suitably challenged to try? The good news is that you will have 2 weeks to complete the challenge this time, meaning the deadline will be the 10th October. As usual there will be a small RAK for the 'winner'...aren't freebies the best???

Anyway...I'm bushed...& really need to nite-nite.
Chat soon.


  1. Very cool examples. I'll try to create something, but I'll be packing up everything soon, so not sure if I can join but I'll try.

    I'm with you on the stamp "mental" thing (by the way, great use of punctuation!! lol). I like stamps, but rarely use them. Same excuse as you.
    Thanks for the challenge. You rock, as usual.

  2. I forgot to mention, you do know that you can watch all the episodes of LOST online at ABC, right? Tell me you haven't still seen season 4??????

  3. ok...TOTALLY loving this challenge! I am so going to try to get in on this one! thanks for the examples - great inspiration!

  4. Oh...another stamp collector! LOL! I am yet to find the perfect stamp pad...any suggestions?

  5. I feel the same way!!!!Love stamps, collect them, but rarely use them!!!!

    I don't know why I just gotta have them...thanks for sharing these great examples!

  6. oooh... I am going to give this a bash for definate.. Hoping to get some scrapping in this weekend :)
    Love the examples too...

  7. Love this challenge Kim! All the examples are really inspiring. I too have a BIG box filled with pretty unused stamps. Paper scrapping is out of the question but I might just be able to give this challenge a go with a digi stamped lo???!!

  8. I can do that...I think....that's what's fun about a challenge. I always thing it'll be easy until I sit down to is challenging, but fun, because I think "out of the box," something I wouldn't normally do.

  9. Super cool challenge girl!!!!
    Looks like you have been a busy bee....

    I'll be checking back in to see all of the pages for the challenge....

    I hope you have a great weekend....
    Big hugs...

  10. Are you sure of the website? because Erikia I think is a designer for Memory Makers (I think!)
    Anyways... This IS a challenge! I don't use them, rither! How funny, I've been thinking I have to start making cards, because I never use my stamps!!! And love the 10th on the 10th, very nice!
    Now, if only I can remember to make my LO!!!!
    hugs, hun!

  11. OMGoodness, I am so glad I am in such good company... heaps of stamps and I hardly ever use them too! Will give this a go but will change the rules to suit me and use them as backgrounds to a mini book!! ;) Oh and I saw your LO in the online mag Scrapbook and Cards today and thought... yay!!!

  12. The 10th? Well I may just be able to do that. Kids are back on 6th....

  13. I got mine done, finally! Sorry it took me so long, lol!! It is on my blog!

  14. I managed to finish mine this morning.
    It is here

    Loved the challenge Kim and had so much fun getting ink on my fingers.


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