Wednesday, September 03, 2008


A little while ago I discovered that I could get a regular supply of beautiful dark wood 12x12 frames to be able to showcase some of my L.O's. Well, my darling bloke put his handyman hat on & mounted some of them them on a wall for me. Initially when I was selecting the ones to hang, I was worried they would look too busy all together in a group but now that they are up, I am pleasantly surprised....they look amazing!
On the scrappy front...I did this little project for the Cocoa Daisy blog, using scraps from the last two months kit, an old CD & x1 jumbo photo...if you are keen to know how...pop over to their blog & take a squizz.

Cocoa Daisy's Sept kits are up for sale....they are really cool, bright & perfect for summer photo's. There are also loads of fantastic add-on's too, so if you are looking for something funky...head over to their shop & take a look-see.

In the spirit of Spring...which is what we are supposed to be experiencing right now....but aren't :o(....I bought a pair of cute, stripy pink pumps. I am not one for shopping much but when I saw these I just had to have them.....& the reasonable price of R49.99 (which is about $6.44) certainly helped in my speedy decision to buy them because when it comes to clothes & shoe, shopping I am a procrastinator of note~ hahaha!

This close up, doesn't actually do them any that I re-look this photo. In real life they are cute tiny size 5's, not nearly as HUGE as they look here!

Well on that note I must go & see to Max & his friend Joshua...they are eating dried guava roll on the trampoline, playing with dinosaurs. The incessant roaring, tells me they are still having fun together. At 4yrs (Max) & 5yrs (Joshua) old, they tire of each other so fast & get rough just as quickly. It is all about perfect timing with Max to ensure they get his permission to come & play again...if the memory of the play date is ugly, he tends to not want to have them over again. need a degree to raise them :o)

Have a great day guys!


  1. That's what I did wrong! I only got a BSc which taught me to raise animals, cats in particular I think?

  2. Hey! I don't wanna hear about your tiny size 5's... I gotta wear 81/2's or 9's lady! SMILES. Those shoes are adorable and I can't wait to see a pic with them on you... only $6.44, sheesh. I love your scrap wall with the frames, that's an amazing way to show off your beautiful work. Is it easy to change the lo in those frames? Just wondering. Sorry you're not seeing much spring, but our spring seems to have lasted only a month then we had hot summer and now it seems like fall already. Crazy weather.
    Take care sweetie and make sure those boys get along.

  3. Cute project and love those wall mountings...BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. LOVE those shoes! They don't look big! They just look cute!
    LOVE the frames!!! How can your work NOT look good, woman???
    LOVE the CD!! Looks sooo cute!
    Totally get you with Max. Coco and Maddie come and go all day long... sometimes Coco just walks in and says, "Maddie was getting very tired". But they always go back within the hour...

  5. Those are the cutest pumps!!!!

    Can I borrow your hubby for a few hours (mine is AWOL in Zambia) to come and put up my frames - I have hundreds but you have inspired me to haul them out of the back end of beyond and attempt to put them up myself - NO!!! Hold on!!! What am I thinking? The last time I picked up a drill (not my cute MM hand drill of course) I nearly drilled holes into my fingers ... sigh ...

    Another project - another day ...

    Love, Tracy G

    P.S. Love your work ...

  6. Very cool! Love that cluster of frames on your wall, great idea!

  7. Those are seriously cool shoes Kim - and soooo cheap! I would just put them out as decoration and never wear them in fear of spoiling them - or - at that price - buy two pairs - one to wear and one for decor :)

    Those framed lo's looks sooo good - not that your work can possibly NOT look good! The frames just bring it all together so nicely! :)

  8. Wow - those walled framed LO's look awesome. What a great idea! Love your work!


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