Friday, September 05, 2008

Warm & fuzzy!

Throughout life we meet people who special & impact our lives. Sweet generous people who we get to know over time & share life with. Well over the last year or so I have had the privilege of meeting such people through the phenomenal invention of cyber space & within a short period of time have gotten to know them quite well.
There has been a wonderful collage of ladies from all walks of life, each in some far off place in the world I have never been to, who have felt so inclined to extend their friendship, encouragement & support toward me.

Today I would like to acknowledge them (you all know who you are :o) & say thanks SO much. I have enjoyed sharing your lives through your blogs, chat times with me & emails & I am so glad we can call each other friends.

The other thing I would like to mention is just how generous they have all been. Not only with mails of support & encouragement but with gifts of LOVE that arrive unexpectedly in the mail. I have had an astounding last two days.....where I can honestly say I have felt completely spoilt! I know our Lord doesn't have favorites but boy I really feel like He does today.

Firstly I got a FANTASTC email from CK & one from Memory Makers saying they had selected some more of my L.O's for publication.

So it was a **HAPPY DANCE** day indeed!!!!.....I am so thrilled!!

.....then if it couldn't get any better, I received a large, heavy & interesting package in the post. It was from my honey of a friend, Paula who lives in Montgomery, IL. She floored me in a second when I opened the box....this is what was inside.

...pick your jaws off the floor...I am not kidding. It is an unbelievable mixture of the coolest papers & embellishments I have seen in a while & I cannot wait to get my scissors & glue out & start creating. You girl are ridiculous!! (in a good way).

Then the cherry on the top of a perfect day, was this beautiful card & goodies from my sweet friend Misty...who incidentally is about to pop with her 4th baba & is still so seriously productive creatively, that she puts me to shame.
Last week I admired this pretty cool card on her blog...not realizing she made it for little ole' me :o)

All I can say to you gals is THANK-YOU! THANK-YOU! THANK-YOU! you both made my day & I feel special & spoilt!

(Misty...I have to tell you...while I was typing this post, Max picked up the card you made for me & said : Mama, this card is so it for me??? I told him is was for me & he said: That friendly lady called Misty is very nice to you...will she make one for me too?? heehee!
See your art is even being appreciated by the mini Watson in the house :o)

Well everyone now that I have bent your ears with this post...I'll go& leave some bloggy love on all of yours.
Chat soon.
~Over & out!


  1. Lucky Ducky you...enjoy your new stash!!!

  2. Awesome collection and selection! Happy dance...happy dance... side step ... shimmy shimmy!

  3. So happy you enjoyed it! hope you can make meny more memory keepers with those!
    Thank you, hun. Today for some reason or another I really needed this cheery "pick me up" post! A little prayer would also work *wink, wink*
    Lots of hugs, my dear bloggy friend!

  4. Geesh! I want your friends! :) send some stuff my way!!! haha :)

  5. I am so thrilled for two more pubs! You rock sister! :) yay for your new stash! :)

  6. You totally deserve the love! What types of calls do you submit for? I'm totally out of the loop.

    those are some spankin' good packages for ya!

  7. Proud mamma saying: you go geerrlll! forget the shimmy shimmy what about a Rhumba - chaa chaa - pasadubla (hmmm whats that)jive, quick step

  8. You are indeed a lucky girl!!

    MMMMMM - yummmmmy ... it's always good to get new stash and especially from divine friends.

    BTW, Congrats on even more pubs in CK Mag - an achievement indeed, girl - well done!!!

    Love, Tracy G

  9. Congrats on the pubs Kim! You so deserve everything that comes your way! You are so talented and we all know you will create beatiful things with the gifts you get! Enjoy! :)


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