Monday, September 15, 2008

We got around!

We really got around this much so that we were hardly home....unusual for the Watson's :o)

Friday saw Max at his buddy Tristan's birthday! Fun was had by all running themselves ragged around the forest, with water bomb balloons, races & hunt for the present. Oh the joy of being 4!!

The obvious highlight was searching for unpopped paint balls in the undergrowth...then squeezing the paint all over each other :o)

We got home to Cass having arrived...Max was over the moon as usual to see his sister....he thinks she is the BEST thing since sliced our jaunt to the beach on Saturday, whilst there was a lull in the torrential rain, was great! We ate snacks & enjoyed the sun on our faces....even though the stench of rotting kelp was gag-city! The leap tides have washed huge piles of the gross stuff onto the boardwalk. has got to be my all time worst smell!! It didn't seem to faze the kids & they had a blast at the play park there.

Sunday saw the beginning of the downpours we headed into the city to the museum & planetarium for the afternoon.

The grouch in the front protested audibly that he was sick of me & my camera~ hahahaha! Get used to it buddy I with a scrapbooker has it's challenges (I don't know if he quite got it though) :o)
The whale pit was amazingly well done....made up for the rest which was super boring & smelt of mothballs!

Sandwiches in the park put a smile on his dial in a flash!
(About 2 minutes after this pic was taken, the heavens opened and we had to sprint for the museum again!)

I wanted to leave you with one of Maxi's sculptures. He does this sort of thing all the time. He finds a variety of things around the house & piles, pokes, balances & coxes them into shape...and they have to be just right. Once he is happy he calls he to look at his newest "Artwork" (his word). Most of the time he says he built it for me because I am so special! Can't beat a reason like that, can ya??? Certainly pulls on my heart strings :o)

Well that's all guys! I am going to try & get some sleep...I am bushed from coughing all of last night...yip! I have that awful flu again!
Have a goodie!
Chat soon.


  1. Oprah calls that a "tablescape". Way to go Max. Trust that you get better like... now!
    Enough already.
    I feel that I can't make you laugh when you cough all the time, and I love my own sense of humour, and humility, (and all the other H-words I can't think of right now.)
    Off to see House. Hope you have a better sleep- without coughing.

  2. I love that artwork! Max is so obviously the artist son of two artists! :)
    Love peeking in on your life way over there! (hugs)

  3. Geesh, sorry to hear you unwell again chick. that really sucks!

    Afta bumping into you at FH beach we headed around and went to GCairn Tidal Pool. Was epic!

    Hope to catch up with you before school hols catch us?

  4. Your city looks beautiful! I love it. The picture of Max and Cass on the tetter totter is my favorite.
    what a great day, even if you had to escape the flood of a downpour. Thanks for the pictures. It's fun to sneak into your life a bit.

  5. Looks like a lovely time was had, hope you are feeling better!

  6. That is one WONDERFUL weekend!!! My kind of weekend, too! Love his little pout there... he's a handsome boy!


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