Saturday, October 25, 2008

Home alone.

I'm a bad blogger... I know!!! But when all I've have been doing all week is scrapping & playing Mama...there isn't much deep 'n meaningful to blog about. So here is a few bits 'n bobs!

I had a bit of a scrappy challenge this week, in that x2 different mags selected the same L.O for publication....yikes, huge dilemma! Thankfully one of the mags is happy to see some other options as a pressure or anything!! :o) :o) I am almost finished & will be able to get them off to the editor by Monday! I hope they like them.

This pic is just boys are so cute!

With Tersh being on being on mens church camp,it is just me & Maxi at home this weekend. All the guys at our church look forward to it each is a 5 day testosterone laced affair, with much male bonding, eating & generally letting go of all inhibitions. They go Kloof diving, fishing, play rugby, hang out & spend quality time seeking God. T only made it up to Ceres on Friday...(a 3hr drive into the mountains), so it will only really be 3 days for him.

Maxi & I have made the most of our 'date' weekend though & chilled out together. We've been to the mall, bought x2 new DVD's...The Bee Movie & Peter Pan, ate hot chips, hit the toy super store to buy a present for a school friend & he helped me choose a new pair of coloured flip flop's. It's been great. This arvi we are heading to a 4yr olds, Power Ranger party....who knows what that will be about? Exciting stuff & tell you...hahahahaha!
A far cry from my life before kids hey; fashion shows, garment showings, textile fairs & tons of traveling. But as weird as it sounds, I wouldn't trade the life I have now for anything.

This is how Maxi passed the time last night while I cooked supper. Tummy art......the design: 'Beautiful flower garden'....according to His Nibs :o)

Doesn't come off though, I've tried everything....who would have know the lovely pen he is using, would have Tattoo quality ink inside hahaha! Well I am off now to rub shoulders & have polite conversation with the Mommies of Maxi's class mates...I am no good at small talk, so wish me luck.

Chat again in a couple of days.
Over & out.


  1. You're a much nicer mom than I...I never let my kids draw on themselves...I'm always saying "paper honey, please use paper" We've got plenty of it! Hah.
    Hope you had fun at the party and congrats on the layouts! I am really going to try and scrap this weekend. We'll see what happens.
    Do you like the Bee movie? I took Tessa to see it and really wasn't impressed.

  2. You know you're fabulous when two mags are battling over the same layout! I m so thrilled for you! :)
    Did you try alcohol to get the ink off? a few different times Jordan has marked himself with a sharpie, I used alcohol wipes to get it up.
    I got a goodie bag from down south yesterday ;)

  3. The battle of the layouts. You should've made them duke it out. Highest bidder gets the layout!!

    I think the church "boy's camp" sounds like great fun. Every spring there is usually a father/son camping trip. Very cool. Maybe one day Max will get to go too.

    So, I'll ask you again: Have you read those books yet? You will love them.

  4. Please tell me the pen Max is using is NOT the pen Gramsy sent recently? Hee Hee - Go Max Go have fun!! love ya'll thanks for the yankity yak on skype.....

  5. WOWSERS, Kim! how cool can it be to have two magz ready to get your LO??? I'm sure they will LOVE your new LO... You are just soooo good!
    Brian was supposed to go on a men's retreat, too, but it was last weekend, when he was on his way back from Panama, so now we're hoping he can make the Spring one...
    And Coco and Connor also did some designs on their hands and faces, but daddy was NOT amused when he came back from panama and saw the drawings (hehe!) He always says I'm a push over...
    Hugs, my dear! Hope you had a fun time chatting with the ladies!

  6. You are just awesome, that's simply it! =)

    Love the pictures, the first one is just plain special and that last one!!!!!! Totally a gem!

  7. WOW Kim 2 mags! Love the pics!!!

  8. Hello hot scrapper.

    First up : I hated the Bee movie -have you watched it. But then again, thousand loved it...

    Secondly: all ink fades eventually. this I know cos I cant be asked to scrub a dub for hours. Faith often goes to school with fading artwork for days!!!

    Thirdly: I CANT wait to see the LO's for this months challenge so get posting gal.

    Fourthly: Howz Thurs morn look for a bit of girl talk?

  9. i'd love to have your scrappy dilemma - ok...just to have ONE mag want my stuff would be a miracle! bwahahahaha! but seriously - HUGE congrats on the pub and that's seriously cool that you can send in something else to replace. And the church camp sounds like a nice fun retreat for the boys. And little Maxi is too cute - love the new tattoo - hee hee hee! kids are so funny - welcome to motherhood right???


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