Monday, October 06, 2008

It's cultural!

I took Max to the theater again on Friday morning, to see "The Just so Stories" by Rudyard Kipling.

He has been asking me repeatedly to go again, since the last school holidays when we went to 'The Ugly Duckling'. And I am not sure if you will remember...but our last experience of the theater was UGLY I was apprehensive to say the least, about this little outing. Thankfully it was different theater company putting this story on, so there was a glimmer of hope that it would be worth the effort.

Well I am pleased to report it was MAGNIFICENT!! Not that the performance was something out of Hollywood...but rather that it was real, very well acted & had just enough child & adult humor included into the dialog, to have the starchiest of Moms twittering. Max got thoroughly involved throughout the show...shouting answers to the actors & laughing at everything. We both loved every minute of it...& if & when the theater puts another production on...we will be first in line for tickets.

It you are interested in reading Ruyard Kipling's 'Just so can download a free e-book of them here:
These are some of the stories:

How the Whale Got His Throat
How the Camel Got His Hump
How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin
How the Leopard Got His Spots

We have also been making the most of the warmer Spring weather although we are still dealing with the effects of all the blasted rain.

These are some pic's I took of Max at the park....or should I say swamp!!
I really hope the water drains away soon...otherwise we are going to be seeing swarms of resident mosquitoes moving in to the neighborhood. Now when it comes to mozzies...or any biting bug for that matter...they LOVE me. Tersh can be lying next to me when a swarm hits & who will get! Now it wouldn't bother me so much if in their vain attempts to drain my blood, I get to lose a coupla kilo's for the pain & itchiness. But I don't...I just end up mighty grumpy...covered in red spots & itchy like my life depends on it...I HATE mozzies with a passion!!

Well that's my contribution to the world of blogging today. I hope you are having as good a Monday as I've had?

Cheers until later.


  1. I feel exactly the same way about those blasted parasites!
    Lovely post though, great photos. Did you do any actions on them?

  2. Cos youre soooo sweet.

  3. Yup, thats where we went last hols and saw the same show. All 3 of mine were riveted!

    About to pop kids in car and head to beach. I hear another cold front is arriving tomorrow....shite.

  4. The theater sounds fun!! What a good experience to expose your kids to. Hope the water drains away. Otherwise, it looks like beautiful spring weather for you guys down south!

  5. I totally second you on that one!!! I TOTALLY hate mosquitoes!! Just like you, they love to bite me. Brian will not get one bite, and here I am, scratching all over. Cesar and coco get them pretty bad, too!
    Looks pretty wet around there! Is that Max splashing???
    Would love to have the kids go to a play with me... How come I've never even thought about it?? now I'll have to investigate where do we have a local theater...
    Hugs, my friend!

  6. Love it! what a fun time heading to the theater with the little one. :)
    Good Luck with the water draining away, I hate mosquitoes too!

  7. Good to hear this trip to the theatre was WAY better than the last one...those chairs are so cool. I'm working on the stamping challenge!!!

  8. I'm glad your theater experience went better this time. Those are nice pictures, looks like a lovely outing!

  9. I took my little guy to see "Babe" at the theatre last year that now he wants to go again... but this time it will be Beauty & The Beast!

    I sympathise with the mozzie problem... I'm in the same boat as you... itch, scratch, ouch.

  10. The picture of the mountain in the back-ground is beautiful. Kim, you just giong to have to get used to me commenting about the scenery LOL, got something to do with a little bit of home sickness I suppose.
    Well, can I tell you that we don't get many mozzies here in the UK , so I guess that is one good point hey ? Glad you enjoyed the show though, I think it is fab that the Max enjoyes plays. Way different to just movies.

  11. Well there is one advantage to living in sunny (???) UK at the moment there is a fabulous 'Saving Nemo' ice show - Max would LOVE IT.... we're off to the theatre next month for Aladdin in Southampton. WISH MAxi was with his gramsy and pops to enjoy it as well because I also scream in panto's with the kids.....

  12. hey cool that they put on that show at the theatre.My Dad bought that book for one of my kids at the Dbn airport the last time we were in S.A..and they (the kids) love the stories...have a wonderful week :)


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