Thursday, October 09, 2008

Man down!

I put my back out yesterday....what a pain it is {literally haha!} I can't twist or bend forwards...eshhh! I feel like a geriatric.
So much for: "I'll just find the heat gun in the garage"....all I got from that little exercise a large pain in the back & no heat gun. I had to give up a rather great sounding coffee with mates this AM because of this, so here I sit feeling mighty sorry for myself, trying to squeeze out a blog post. {OK I'll get myself together & try not bore you to tears.}
I really wanted to try heating embossing...& to do that I needed T's heat gun. I mean why do we have all this art stuff lying around our scrap rooms, if we don't use it. At the time I bought the embossing powder, I thought I'd just use my hair dryer....NOOOOO~bad idea! {This I found out the hard way.}
Oh dear, another project shelved until further notice....well, at least until I find a heat gun somewhere...hey Jo, maybe Gumtree will have one :o)

On a more cheerful note...I baked choc chip cookies with Maxi after school yesterday & he is so patient in the kitchen. He carefully measures the ingredients, breaks eggs, pours milk...even chops chocolate; it is so sweet to watch & his effort was well worth it'...look at this delish plate of cookies!

If you want the recipe, let me know & I'll mail it to you.

Well that's all I can muster up folks...not very riveting was it?? Ok... I'm going to go now...I need a large glass of pepsi... to help me drown my sorrows :o)
Chat later!

P.S Don't forget about the scrap challenge...deadline is the 10th...tomorrow but I could stretch it until the end of the weekend if you need it?


  1. Oh no...a back can be a {pain}. I struggled with mine until I had some serious surgery in February...Yep...I got an operation for Valentines! LOL! Get some inflamatories and down on your back...good excuse for serious resting. But that is really all that works.

  2. Yikes, sorry to hear about your back, that has got to hurt! Been there, done that (not with the heat gun though). I hope you get feeling better soon. I got my challenge done, just haven't posted it yet. I will let you know on the challenge thread when I get it posted. It will be either later tonight or tomorrow. (it is currently 2:15 am here) I do have one more question...did you do something different with your blog settings? I can't see all your post in Google Reader anymore. Thought I would let you know in case you didn't know about it.

  3. Ah, hope you back feels better soon. Love the look of the cookies to YUM, my favourite.
    Please Please extend the deadline till Sunday, will definately do it this weekend :)

  4. Oi, been there done you know. Rest is really all you can do.
    We missed you today. :[

  5. Sympathese for the back... I've done similar thing a FEW times! Not fun at all.

    Re the hairdryer... definately NOT a good plan.... but if you're in a crunch the toaster does work wonders too... nope don't put the page IN the toaster silly, just hold it above while the element does the work! Otherwise send hubby looking for the heat gun

  6. Go get yourself a hot pack across your back and lay down for a while. You deserve some rest.
    By the way, did ya make the alfredo chicken pizza? Huh? Huh? Seriously good.

  7. OUCH! That is kind of funny. Last Monday, as I was getting Connor in his car seat I felt HORRIBLE pain in my back! I could NOT believe how badly it was hurting me! I spent most of the week laying down with a busted back :(
    Now, I had even forgotten about our challenge here!! I'll have to work like crazy, I'll let you know if I make it or not!
    Hugs, Sweets, hope your bloke finds the heating gun without problems!

  8. I hope you're feeling better very soon. BTW I have a heat gun, and some embossing powders from my rubber stamping and card making season many many years ago. The stove or the toaster really work the best.

  9. wow i stumbled across your blog by accident and i have to say i am loving it, your scrapping is stunning - really gorgeous xx

  10. Ouch - sorry about your back - hope it's better already.

    Those cookies looks yummy! Please DON'T send me the recipe! I have serious cravings so it's critical that I don't get anywhere close to any sweet temptations!

  11. I'll have the recipe if you don't mind ... I don't have the willpower that Michelle does ... tee hee ...

    Hope your back is much better ... I am sure a cookie did wonders for the pain ... tee hee ..

    Love, Tracy


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