Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Surfs up!

My bloke woke up with the sparrows this AM...& went for a surf, before work, with his long time buddy, Steve. This is a momentous day for the Watson-kind! My hunnie & work on the same is definitely a call for celebration.

He got back seriously amped...raving about epic waves & shouting !I'm a surfer again! I think I am going to insist he does this again next week & every week there after. The look in his eyes tells me we'll all be better for it. My salty old dawg is back!!!

Kalk bay: firing, glassy & windless.....sweet!!!

~heehee{did I say it right babes?}


  1. Yup, it sure if food for the soul. And good for the guys.

    Did you hear da news...them are expecting a sib for Ella!

  2. You crack me up...multi-tasking indeed! Looks like you sent your lousy weather our way...we had a storm in PE today.

  3. Tell Tersh - those waves look more like a short story than epic!
    Ha ha.
    Glad you all had a great day.

  4. So great that summer is slowly showing itself, although we have had so much rain...Grrr

  5. I didn't understand half of that post but I liked it anyway!! Glad Tersh is back doing something he loves. It's fun to have that excitement!

  6. HOW COOL!!! Tell T that we hope to see MANY more pix of him and friends SOON!

  7. Sounds like a great day to start the day!

    That is one seriously pretty photo Kim!

  8. That looks {sweet} indeed ...

    Boys will be Boys .... eternally ... it's great!!!

    Love, Tracy G


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