Monday, December 08, 2008

At the mall!

We braved the mall this weekend. To put you in the picture, I hate the mall, Tersh loathes it & Max...well let's say...if he comes with ever, I need to take Valium before hand.

We headed out to the large Pick 'n Pay hyper in Ottery, we had heard through the media it had undergone a major revamp, so we thought we'd hit groceries & last minute shopping for Christmas all at the same time, whilst having 'an improved shopping experience'. We got there early, so by 9.30am we were already in the store trawling for the goodies we needed. 15 minutes later Max was climbing the walls, Tersh was in his happy place...& I was cursing the person who invented super stores, vowing to give internet shopping a bash. Then in a moment of genius, I wondered if maybe Max was just hungry.(He has been growing like a sprout over the last 6 weeks; 2cm according to the doc). One of these & a toastie sorted him out.....thankfully there was a restaurant inside the store. (Hunger can be a crazy thing sometimes~ Hahaha!)

The Christmas vibe was everywhere...blasting out of the radio overhead, decorations, store staff dressed as elves...they pulled out all the stops. (I admit we did have a moments silence for all the male store staff, dressed in green & purple tights, pointy hats complete with fake elf ears attached.) Sad & tell you sad, to see them cringe & jiggle as most of the women who pass by drop their eyes to their....crotches. I hope the $ was worth it? ROFL!!

With all the festive decorations out, Max had a ball & insisted on touching each display we cheque book winced each time. I had visions of smashed decorations raining down on us...where oh where was the Valium when I needed it?

On a different note, we found with the store revamp, that they had installed a shiny new spice section...Wow! it was a sensory overload...the colours & smells had my mouth watering in minutes. I spoke to the Indian lady there, who said if I came back sometime, she would mix me up a special blend of spices to make curry just how I remember it, from my days in Durban (Laci's I'll let you know how it turns out:o)

Afterward we headed home to spend the rest of the weekend in the pool. The temp's soared to 35-40C....bloomin' hot I tell you, especially as we were in long sleeves just a couple of weeks ago. There was no adjusting...Summer arrived with a bang!!

This is where I hope to spend most of our Christmas break.....bum in spotty chair, drinking copious amounts of diet Pepsi & reading a good book. Bring on summer....woohoo!! I can do this!

Well girlies! That's my news...I'll be in touch in a couple of days!


  1. Looks like fun, and I am so looking forward to summer too...

  2. Your signature link isn't working. Can you check it?
    PS love the spotty chair not summer though.

  3. crazy daisies! Christmas AND summer!??? you southern hemispherians are so lucky!!! where is durban?

  4. Enjoy the summery weather. It's freezing here!!! Well, I have to say that those bins of spices look lovely...I need some curry!

  5. Wow. I think that green polkadotted chair is adorable!! I'd wanna sit there even if it was a blizzard outside, just because it's so cute. (well, maybe not in a blizzard!)

    Those spices look amazing! I'll bet your nose was on sensory overload! Better your nose though, than your eyes, what with the elves' uh, treasures to behold! lol.

  6. I hope to join you and your spotty chair real my stripey one!

  7. Girl, you take the camera to Pick 'n Pay? a scrapbooker!!!)...gosh your pool looks wonderful!!!
    And those spices are just what I need to see (here we get them pre-packed already)...
    And those store elves...Hmmnnn..I bet they were having a ball (pun very much a good one sweetie, and take care over Xmas {{{hugs}}}

  8. To go into the stores at this time of year is indeed brave.

  9. oh, you had me laughing with the lack of valium... We try to avoid the dreaded mall as much as possible. It is just plain SCARY. And even scarier when the kids tag along. Makes for a miserable experience, so I'm hoping to avoid it all together this season!
    I soooo envy you, my friend! with out weather here, I just feel green with envy!!!


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