Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April Pink Paislee.

Here are my x2 pages for Pink Paislee this month..…..this one is called
‘Leap into Summer’. Cas was so happy that the weather was warm enough to finally be able to hop into her new bikini (from Aunty Jo) & head down to the beach. Her ‘tween’ excitement is completely evident on her face….she was ecstatic!!

(I assume that was the reason & not the gaggle of bronzed young life savers, watching me take photos of her in the surf~hahaha! *This Mama doesn’t want to go down that road just yet*)

The whole L.O was done using the Fetching line, isn’t it gorgeous? It’s the perfect way to give any page a really summery feeling? Now, my blog spot being Friday my focus was on journaling, I did this by reversing white out of orange, making the type really pop!

I always tend to use a safe colour for my journal strips, so using orange was a biggie for me…& I LOVE the bold result, you should try it sometime too.

My other page, Stef's Birthday Tea, is done with the Enchanting line. This line is so pretty I couldn't resist mixeing in some paper lace, crocheted flowers, jewels and page is complete without some KJ stitching.

If you are feeling inspired to try some of this gorgeous paper yourself....head over to or or any LSS shop & grab some before it's too late.

Thanks for stopping by...have a super day!


  1. Hi Kim, they are both gorgeous, but I really, really like the leap one, and how the focus is on the title, then your eye moves around in a circle then back to the title again... that's good, no, that's GREAT design!!

  2. very lovely projects!!! I have some of this new stuff so thanks for inspiring me!

  3. Hi Kim!!!!!

    This is awesome pages....
    The weeks go by so quick and we still haven't coffee and koek yet.... Will have to seriuosly speak to Stef!!!!

    Enjoy your day!!!!!

  4. Hi there,
    Stunners, both of them.
    Can't believe it is almost time for my birthday again. Sigh! Good times though hey?

  5. Stunning layouts Kim! I love your handmade flowers...gorgeous. And the stitching is really your signature style now.

  6. Oh yes...have to is not fair. You have such wonderful talent AND a gorgeous handwriting:)

  7. Anonymous01 May, 2009

    Hi Kim!
    I'm a greek south african, now living in Athens, where scrapbooking... is a year and half old now. Saw one of your LO in Memory Makers Magazine, and searched to find your blog!
    Your work is absolutely AMAZING!! I love you colour combos and attention to detail !!!!

    Keep up the inspiring work!

  8. Hello Kim!! Long time no blog :) I received my CK magazine just yesterday and I immediately recognized Max on the cover! I said to my hubby, "Hey, that's my friend's little boy! She made the cover!" CONGRATS, KIM!! And congrats on the other LOs you have inside the magazine. Your work rocks :)


  9. Beautiful, Kim!!! Love them both!


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