Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pirate in the house!!

Hey guys…I hope you are well & having a super day so far??? It is a public holiday here today…Heritage day I think haha! I’m a shocker aren’t I, that I don’t even know for sure, but I didn’t need much encouragement to do very little today. I enjoyed a fun day with my little boy while his Daddy worked. Talking about my little boy….he is the subject of my project today. Being Thursday I have Trends as my theme…..together with the funky Twilight line.

We don’t officially celebrate halloween here in SA, so I don’t have typical halloween scrapping ‘ammo’, but I wasn’t fazed though. This line is SO versatile & I had a blast putting together this page. It is an interview I recorded with my little boy….oh ah…sorry, I mean…. the scary ‘Captain Cutlass’. (His answers to the interview were so cute & funny…..take a look.)

For the trend angle of the page…I thought I’d highlight eyelets today. Over the last little while they have really made a come back into ’scrapping fashion’ again. I LOVE using them in all manner of ways…this time I used them to attach my stars to the page.

I really hope I have inspired you to go & hunt for those eyelets & give using them a bash again. I am excited to see how you use them too NB: Link us up in the comments then we can all take a peek :)

Again using the Twilight line I put this page together about Max & his new career choice of the moment.....'Mad Scientist'...he takes it REAL seriously!! :)

So have yourselves a super day!!
Aaaarh! (hehe! couldn’t resist that)


  1. Really great pages. Love how you worked your mojo and made the Halloween papers work for you. My fav is the mad scientist one!!

  2. Tell me you didn't cut out that tree by hand?
    Love them both though. Arghh...matey!

  3. What fabulous papers! I so love your pirate page, I have a 4-yr-old Max too and that could just be him! x

  4. That's a great pirate page...I really like the black with tiny white polka dot that paper or fabric?

    We don't celebrate Halloween. Our girls do like dressing up just for fun though!

    Hop over to my blog to see the page I did using eyelets...

  5. Awesome pages again! There is something about your layouts that make me want to go scrapbook. Love your style!

  6. Your pages are so awesome! You have the greatest design sense. Love them both. ;)


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