Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some pubbed pages!

Morning all....sorry I have been so MIA lately but when you are faced with 50 million things you have to do, blogging 'she ees not so beeg!" . Anyway I am here now & I thought I'd post some pages I had published in the Scrapbook trends mag a little while back! 

This one was from March!
My little boy is crazy about motor bikes...don't you think that cute smile could melt butter Then again...I could be a tad biased, cos he's all mine!

This one was in the May issue!
Max had such a cool 4th birthday party. Even the adults couldn't resist the giant jumping slide we had. His Rocket cake from the Little Einsteins was by far the highlight though. Tersh & I spend the whole previous night baking & icing it for the party. Each year Max is allowed to have a cake of his choice; it is a great tradition!

This was also in the May issue.
My dilemma as a Mama is sometimes about how strict to be with Max's food exploration....haha! we actually let him try the cat food that day and he ended up eating tons of it. Eeeeuuu!

May issue again..... I love how 3D it turned out.

Last one for today......Mothers Day for May SB trends. I love how the magenta colours pull together & scream "look at me!!!". Actually this is one of my fave pages ever!

I hope they inspired you. Now don't be a stranger...if you are reading this then be a doll & pop over to the comments & ' say HIYA!' come-now, then at least I will know I am not yakking to myself.
Anyway...have yourself a super day!


  1. Lovely. The pearls on the beach LO blow my socks off.
    Nice pink touches on the "just for me" LO too.
    Had a great morning, thanks for bringing the sunshine in to this day.

  2. Oh just love ALL these layouts... you're a star for getting published. Well done.... and no you are not yakking to yourself... I do read just don't comment as often as I should.

  3. Wow these layouts are great. I've saved "Chews" and the last one to my inspiration folder. When I do ever get back to SBing and I scraplift either of them I'll link you to it.
    Also, mega-congrats on the CK Amazing Pages "thing" (not sure what else to call it). I wasn't at all surprised to see you there.
    As for the layout that I asked you the sizes for... ack I need to go back and look at it to see which one. I will, I will. Maybe when you post it!

  4. Wow!!!! You just keep on producing stunning LO's!!!!

    You were blessed with an amazing talent my friend!!!!! You always inspire me..... Well, I'm off to go and finish my mini album for my MIL for her birthday.... Thanx for 'yakking', I needed the inspiration!!!!!!!

  5. Hello loving that 'just for me' LO....oh for more moments like that hey? Thanks for the inspiration as always.

  6. WOW you go them!

  7. They are all so gorgeous!! My fav is the walk one. Wow, you let your ds eat cat food? LOL! Too funny.

  8. congrats! Love all the LO's.

  9. Hi Kim - beautiful pages :o)

  10. always fabulous! so glad to see you posting!

  11. HI Kim,
    Can't decide which page I like best, they are ALL fantastic. Thanks for representing us SA girls in the overseas world.
    Great inspiration, love you style.

  12. Gorgeous Kim.

    I love the kitty one. My girls still like to eat cat food - crazy they are.

  13. I love the just for me and the walk layouts. (they are all gorgeous) It has to be the colours and I agree it just screams "look at me".

  14. The October CK arrived in my mailbox....and I saw 2 layouts (maybe're HOT) in there by YOU...I especially adore the "I {love} to bake" one!

    And the last one you have here "Just for me" is lovely...the light blue and pinks, could be a layout about myself!

  15. Love your scrappy stuff, Kim. Am always finding my eyes drawn to your lo's I find published in CK mag. I don't get SB Trends so thanks for sharing these, too!

  16. Hello, I just had to leave you a note because I've so enjoyed reading your posts today. You have the most gorgeously beautiful site - best wishes & thank you ..

  17. Girl!
    Lookit you go!!!
    *clap clap clap*

    Love that you're "representin'" in such a big, bold and beautiful way...


  18. Very nice work lady! I love the older one of how he's grown. Hope you're well, and not TOO TOO busy. Miss your challenges, but I've hardly scrapped. I'm TOO busy TOO! Hah.

  19. Hi Kim, I am one of the "behind the scenes" scrapbookers, don't have a blog of my own but love to read others. Should say I am TOTALLY INSPIRED by your work! Love it! Wish you could share your process of making a page sometimes... Keep blogging!

  20. I scraplifted you again! Here it is again:


Th♥nks for your comments!