Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas with Anna Griffin & Pink Paislee

Having a bit more time on my hands over the 2 days with the kids finally having finished school for the year, means I have had a chance to work some more on my Christmas to-do-list.

Using the GORGEOUS Anna Griffin Christmas line, I made a simple Christmas banner for the fire place. Being so hot here means no fire, which is a good thing because I don't think my pretty paper banner would have lasted to long otherwise hahaha! 

I added wooden Christmas ornaments, bells & ribbons to the paper flags for extra interest.

To compliment it I finally (been wanting to do it for ages) made one of those cute paper evergreen trees's showcased on Martha Stewarts web site. It was easy as pie once I worked out how to use my blokes glue gun....we won't mention the glue strands stuck to everything within a 2 foot radius~ Um!

I also had a chance to pull out some more of my 'LUVERLY' Pink Paislee Mistletoe & Co collection. definietly the way to scratch the scrappy itch when you have but an hour before having to run to the grocery store.

The fabulous glitter paper I used in silver & gold are one of American Crafts new lines. The colour are amazing & it is great to work with, you should give it a try!!!

Well I am off to the beach to eat fish & chips with the family! Have a good one!!



  1. Aw...the beach sounds great right's freezing outside...just cold, no snow!

    Love all the cards and the garland of triangle flags! Anna Griffin's patterned papers are some of my favorites...I need to get more!

  2. I love it! all your cards and banner are just awesome. I love all your details!

  3. That banner is great! I think you just inspired me to create one and I have to find a green moose just like that! Love him!

  4. I love those cards...gorgeous!

  5. It all looks cute, love that banner...

  6. Okay, my eyes are hurting from all the gorgeous-ness emanating from this post.


  7. OH ....MY .... GOSSSSHH ...... I don't see how any other Christmas projects can get more stunning than yours !!

    The beach, fish and chips sounds fab !


  8. aww man fish and chips in CT - doesn't get better than that!!
    PS: Loving the banner ;-)

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