Friday, October 01, 2010

Vote for your favorite!

The voting has begun.....!
Out of the 500 entries for the Teen Talent search that were submitted, the CK editors have selected 10 finalists. Now it is up to friends, family & the rest of us scrappy fraternity to support them with our votes. You can vote as many times as you want between Sept 30th & October 8th 2010.

The grand Prize winner & 4 runners up will be announced on the CK blog at the end of October.
So come on go & support the creative young scrapbookers amongst us, who are excited as anything to see who will come out tops.
So spread the word...ok.

Teen Talent Search 2010


  1. I'm one of the finalists, and I must say, I am super excited! All of the entries are awesome. :)


  2. Just voted for my Favorite! Can't say who... BUT they were all very talented!!


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