Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Funky stuff @ Cafe Press!

Have you heard that Creating Keepsakes has a shop over at Cafe press. They are selling an amazing range of goodies & gifts with some trendy CK/ scrapbooking slogans printed on them. I have my eye on a couple that I am looking forward to buying.... take a look.

Before I show you some of the items, see this uber cool design....? Well I came up with the slogan ' I am a scrapbooker, I believe in Crop Circles'  heehee! and I was thrilled when CK decided to use it on some of their merchandise. CK's talented graphics department came up with the funky design. Don't you just LOVE it!

This is the tote bag from the Believe in Crop circles range:

Cindy Tobey bought this CUTE tee from the Scrapbookers are cooler than Ninja's range. FREAK it is cute!

You can see Cindy modeling it here...but be prepared you are going to want one in every color!!

There are a bunch of others that I NEED this Paparazzo Flip MinoHD

And this amazing I {heart} CK sweat!

Oh..oh what about this great Club CK Chick Messenger Bag?

OK I'll stop now,  I am making myself depressed.....I want all of it....waaaaaa!
Perfect for last minute gifts right? I'm off to shop...BYE!!


  1. Oh, I haven't seen these. You bad enabler! ;)

    The designs are so cute! Maybe we need matching shirts at CHA?

  2. I love that Crop Circles slogan and design! I will need to get something with that design too! Thanks for the mention sweetie!

  3. I know the feeling, always want it all...

  4. I love that crop circles design on the bag. very cute. grat slogan


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