Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane!

 I'm about to get in the car for the airport! Eeeekkkk! Today arrived so fast, I can't believe it all happened & went so smoothly.
God is indeed very good to me!

I will be in LA getting ready for CHA on Thursday afternoon & will be away for just over 2 weeks, with a stop over in London to visit my Mom & Dad & Brother & his cute girls. I will attempt to stay in contact but with the price of Vodacom's International roaming R128 per meg (no jokes), I can't see myself justifying that cost any time soon hahaha! It is bitter sweet though...excited about going but sad to be leaving my sweet family behind.
To all those of my nearest & dearest who live in CT...please check in on the little Watson clan. To make sure they are eating OK & are brushing their teeth...hehe! A Mama's job is never quite done is it.

So farewell! Stay happy! Untill I post again from the shores of California.
Lots of love


  1. HAVE A BLAST and think of me please...♥

  2. ooh!!! I sure hope I see you! :) Safe journey to you!!

  3. Golly...have a grand time...I can't wait to hear about CHA!

  4. Have so much fun Kim!!

  5. Hope you're having fun at CHA!!!! Love love loved your Cocoa Daisy layouts... especially the m&m cookies one.

  6. Hope you're having a great time on those Cali shores, Kim. Enjoy the wonderful moments.

  7. I'm sad my trip got canceled, we could have met in person. That would have been loads of fun!! Maybe next CHA. We had to cancel because one of the girls had to have surgery, so, that's more important. I can't wait to see all the new goodies tho. Hope you had a safe trip back.


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