Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's all about love.

I don't know when last I said it...but "I have the cutest & most loving family in the world"! They are all such a huggy-kissy bunch which is right up my alleyway. I find everyone is always looking for ways to show each other how they feel in little ways that speak volumes.

Like yesterday for instance...Maxi went out for a walk & came back bearing gifts... probably pillaged from some poor unsuspecting neighbors garden...but sweet & thoughtful none the less.

Or....when I arrived back from LA...this is what met me at Arrivals...oh yes ladies.... seriously!
It is moments like these that make me appreciate him all over again.

Then I got home to find this.....

My little guy wrote & arranged this all by himself. Cute right! light of all this love, here is a page I did some months ago. Didn't quite work out as I planned but I love the colors & memory it captures.

Every day is Valentines day with you by Kim Watson

And some extra valentines accents not featured in the February 2011 issue of Creating keepsakes magazine. but you can find them & others on their web site.

Thanks for stopping by!
Make sure you hug your family today. Being loved & part of a happy healthy family is a blessing & gift not to be taken for granted.
Happy Thursday to you all!


  1. Great family you have all the projects...♥

  2. I just love the sign that greeted you at the airport!! will send extra ♥♥♥ to the ones I love today

  3. I've just done a page about how I musn't take my fab fella for granted! So true. You've got a good one too, I love the airport sign!

  4. love this post kim! you're a very lucky girl to have such a fun and loving family! i think your hubby's sign is awesome! and that little note from your son is adorable! super cute projects too!

  5. This post is so totally sweet, I actually shared it with my husband! LOL. :-p My husband also makes a big deal about loving and being loved. EVERY day, I think I hear, "Hey! Wanna cuddle?" Or "Let's hold hands!" (tee hee) Or "I need some squeezes... aaaaand kisses." SO cute. :-) It's nice to know there are other husbands out there appreciating their wives! :-D

  6. Oh my goodness! I love all of these fabulously sweet creations! Your layout is phenomenal and all the extra cards and tags you created are so festive and whimsical! TFS!

  7. That sign is too sweet:)

  8. Very sweet...I love the title of your layout, everyday is Valentine's day...AND I'm lucky to feel the same in my family...we show our love for one another by cooking, reading and cleaning and just spending time together...


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