Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flower tutorials + Zippers

To coincide with the launch of Creating Keepsakes magazines great, 'Fabulous Flowers' issue, I thought I'd share a week of flower tutorials. Let's start with zippers shall we!?
I did this page & tutorial last month for MME, using their metal tooth zipper trim to make this stylish rolled flower. The perfect embellishment for this page about my gorgeous Mum.
No #1 Mother by Kim Watson

Rolled zipper flower tutorial by Kim Watson

Another example of the versatility of zippers can be seen on this page I created for Kim Jackson's multi-media flower article in the Fabulous Flower issue.
It's a Big, Big world by Kim Watson
This page was seen in the Tips and Tricks: Fabulous Flowers 2011 special issue of Creating Keepsakes Magazine. (Copyright Creative Crafts Group. Posted with prior permission from the publisher).

Mini roller zipper flower by Kim Watson (As seen in above page.)

Five petaled loop zipper flower by Kim Watson (As seen in above page.)

Fun hey!!!
I hope these inspire you to go & dig in your zipper stash & give them a bash. Link me up if you use the tutorials, I'd love to see your creations.
Thanks for stopping by & have a super Tuesday!


  1. how cool! Super idea and execution .. Thank you!

  2. I'm zipper, needle and thread challenged...I need them already done cause I'm all thumbs :)

  3. Fantastyczny pomysł!! Pozdrawiam:)


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