Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy LOVE day + another free cutting file.

hey Hey! It's Valentines day! 

Have you been spoilt, or are you doing the spoiling?? 

My little guy made my day with a hand-made card and spontaneous loves and reassurance that he'll love me forever even if my hair turns grey LOL. 
 Either way I hope yours is a fun one too, although I do question about the insane need for people to wear red & pink together?!.... maybe if it a pretty dress, or a scarf but head to toe in the colors of love, leaves me questioning whether I know anything about fashion :) Not that I do any more as I reach for my faithful black dress. 

OK... I'll stop now before this gets ugly :) 

Let's get back to the spoiling part.

I saw this on the Totally RAD blog today. For those Photoshop lovers out there, who like me have to 'hit' Google every time you are looking for an obscure shortcut text or otherwise. How cool is this!!!? 

Thought you'd appreciate the share. 

Now because love is in the airwaves & the Fancy Pants Designs Love Note line is so darn cute... I'll give you a heads up. I have a blog post up over at the Fancy Pants Designs showcasing their Valentine collection. I'd love it if you took a look.

Sneak #1

Sneak #2

AND a FREE cutting file download. Grab it here>>
Fancy Pants Valentine download
From me, I wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day!

We're off to the circus to celebrate! Wish me luck though.
(I always feel so sad about the preforming wild animals like the tigers)


  1. Both layouts are fabulous Kim. The colours are stunning and I love all the little details. Thanks for the free cutting file too. Looks amazing :-)


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