Monday, August 31, 2015

How to create a washi tape flower!

Hello friends,Kim here!
Who doesn’t have great photos & memories of happy times with friends…? Today I am sharing a page about just that…colorful memories that mean a lot to me & what better way to do that than with the gorgeous May Hip kit & add-ons!
Awesome, Happy Day by Kim Watson
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The packs of loose embellishments included in theMay Embellishment kit from Pink Paislee & Evalicious were fabulous for creating little embellishment clusters. I used three clusters when designing my page layout, creating wonderful balance within my visual triangle.
@HipKitClub @KimWatson @chickaniddy @americancrafts @rangerink @pinkpaislee @xyroninc  #scrapbooking #layout Inspired by the gorgeous American Craft’s washi tape booklet included in the May Embellishment kit, I decided to make a handmade flower.
How I did it:
  1. Cut a variety of washi tape strips from the booklet.
  2. Cut the strips into x12 shortened pieces to make the petals.
  3. Cut x3 patterned paper circles, the biggest at the bottom. Allowing a little of each pattern to peek out created a lovely layering, interesting centre for your flower.
  4. Attach the petals on the back of the layered centre…and you are all done.
@HipKitClub @KimWatson @chickaniddy @americancrafts @rangerink @pinkpaislee @xyroninc  #scrapbooking #layout Using the stencils & paint from the May Color Kit I added subtle texture & color interest around the page. Red splatters are a wonderful way to add bright areas of color.
@HipKitClub @KimWatson @chickaniddy @americancrafts @rangerink @pinkpaislee @xyroninc  #scrapbooking #layout Next add journaling to one of Evalicious’s journal cards. I always buy the Project Life kit, even thought I don’t actually do any project life. The journal cards are so fabulous as well as the smaller packs of embellishments. They really add something a little special to my projects.
@HipKitClub @KimWatson @chickaniddy @americancrafts @rangerink @pinkpaislee @xyroninc  #scrapbooking #layout
Once again I have enjoyed sharing my project with you. I hope it has inspired you in some way to try something new. If you are interested in securing a July kit & add-ons…make sure you have your order in so not to be disappointed. You are going to LOVE everything about it.
Have a wonderful week!!

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