Tuesday, June 26, 2007

An ode....

I have been meaning to post this since last week, I have got a quick gap now, so here goes...

The other day was Baby Levi's Browns 1 st birthday, he has grown so quickly, almost a blink really. When we got there, Mel's house was filled with the smell of freshly baked muffins. Yes, I am not kidding MEL'S BAKING!!!

{Is this an Izzy moment??~only to be fully understood by Grey's Anatomy fans like us}

Oh and you wish you could have tried them, they were divine-doll~ move over Martha Stewart! I know this, cos I had x2 in close succession but I don't think anyone saw.

In wonder, over the last 7 years, I have witnessed my dearest friend, go from being a "Luxury model" to "A veritable virtuous woman". I never thought in a million years, I'd be witness to you trying your hand at wooden spoons and raising agents. I am proud of you my friend, 7 years later, 3 bambino's, freshly baked muffins, school play costumes and a family car.

I know our lives are busy and there is always stuff but th
rough thick and thin we have been friends. I appreciate your honesty, candid nature and ability to klap the kek out of me when I get introspective. I hope in another 7 years I will still be able to write posts like this.

Feel special girl!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>