Thursday, June 28, 2007

Play dates are necessary!

In case you were think I was talking about Maxi......I wasn't.

It was very own play date. Where adult conversation was had.....most of the time. I am a bit out of practice I discovered....but Mel {who was my partner in crime for the morning} was very polite about each lapse in conversation.....she didn't comment about my silly mumbling, she nodded politely...
but I saw it in her eyes loud and clear.....

"Ag shame! This girl needs to get out more!"

I appreciate your candor my friend....

We stopped in to see our hard working friend Jo who kept the hot coffee coming while we yakked about......yip you guessed it {SCRAPPING}. She is the South African agent for Autumn Leaves SA ......only the most delicious scrap stuff around

{barr my own new range DOODLE STUDIO that is}

After shooting the breeze for a couple of hours, Mel and I went on the hunt for the very elusive pigment ink. We found some in Obs {thanks JO X}

Afterwards we headed to a restaurant for big people....I don't know if you understand what that sand pit, no ball pit, no spit of any kind actually (or I hope so) We had a diet-free plate of pasta, spoke junk and then headed home. We arrived home at about 2.30pm.................
heeeheheheheh {note the slight delirium) .

In a world dominated by little people, days like these, of complete self indulgence are SOOOOO necessary to keep your sanity. Now all I have to do is convince Tersh that he needs to have a couple of these self-days too every now and then.

Oh a last thing. We ordered a half a bakkie load of wood yesterday for
a mere R260. T packed it beautifully underneath our fire place. I love the more homely feel it gives our lounge. So if anyone wants the number of the wood guy drop me a line.

Nice hey>>>>>>>>>>>>

Another nice pic for the family out there who pop
Moeks on some of the GoMoto bikes that Tersh has been photographing over the last week. He
was in boy-heaven and had to try each and every
one, more than once. Well folks got to go and try
and be useful somewhere.

Have a super-duper