Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The joys of childhood!

Oh to be able to live life with wild abandon. Experiencing everything as it comes along.....without inhibitions. Exploring, learning, laughing and just being 3 I suppose!

Maxi is one of those types of little people~

{Swinging backwards because it makes you the dizziest!}

{Going to school with sunnies on!}~Cheers Mate!

{Having a birthday for your toy Monkey, Sidekick, @ least once a month,
then getting blow out candles and eat chocolate cake straight after breakfast!!}

{Having a trampoline in your back yard and being allowed to jump on it
come sun, rain, hail or sub-zero temperatures!!!}

We need to take some tips from these little ones and try and live a little free'er, wilder, less cautious & stop worrying so much about what people plagues even the best of us.

So have a 'livin' loose' sort of day & enjoy where you find yourself.