Thursday, October 25, 2007

7 random facts~ well some of the wierder ones anyhow

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I have been tagged by Joscie & Martha

Some facts about myself~ no laughing!!

1) I have sung in my church band for the last 10 years. If my life had turned out differently I
would have loved to have sung professionally.
2) I danced my way through childhood {15 years) from when I was 6. I loved tap dancing the
best, then Spanish Flamenco & lastly modern/contemporary.
3) I am a diet pepsi {with a dash of lemon} lover.
4) I am not partial to dogs but wouldn't mind getting a cat one the far distant future.
5) I am nuts about modern abstract art in acrylics or oils.
6) I have watched every Star Trek & Star Wars movie ever made, actually I love any type of
intelligent Sci-fi movie. HATE, HATE horror or gore, that & MOB movies! yuk!
7) Have been a Fashion designer for 18years. As of May this year I have been a sort of SHAM
{I have found it a hard adjustment tho'}. I had to close my factory down due to all the cheap
imports flooding the market. Sad day for me ;o(

(OK, I know I said 7 but I am on a roll)

8) I am a family girl BUT most of my extended family live abroad & I hardly ever see them.
I wish we all lived close by.........maybe one day?
9) My favourite food is Mexican. The texture, flavours & variety make for seriously interesting
eating. If you want to see me at my worst....feed me fish or shell fish. Ugh!
10) I am a big ninny then it comes to anything diving, bungy jumping, shark
diving.....I just can't get my head around volunteering to be scared out of my wits. The
adrenalin makes me feel physically sick.
11) I hate fishing worms....actually if you ever want to see me do the high jump, show me a
fishing worm up close. This has made my love of bass fishing challenging at times until I was introduced to "Bass candy" by Rapala. No more real worms yaaay!

OK, I'll stop now..... this was actually fun.

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Come on gals post some random stuff about yourselves that we don't already know.
Have a FAB day everyone.