Tuesday, October 23, 2007

L.O's as promised!

Hello guys! Hope you are all having a super day? My day is going just fine in case you were interested. I am enjoying our very unusual Spring showers, good for the lawn, the "garden maintenance guy" says. I don't know much about such things.....hence we pay a garden guy to do his magic, otherwise my yard would look like desert.

As promised I did manage to scan my spontaneous scrapbooking marathon I had on Saturday. OK don't get too excited it was only x3 L.O's but x3 in one day is unheard of from the likes of me. A very sweet friend once told me I was a tad anal about my scrapping & that I needed lighten up. Dieting didn't help...hahaha! {my scrapping or my figure}
These pages were strongly influenced by some lovely L.O's I saw on Jamie Waters website, gr8 free, loose L.O's. The nice thing about scrapping for 'me' is the freedom to use someone else's work as inspiration, without the fear of crossing copy righting lines, so I did just that....Jamie's scrapping style is quick,uncomplicated & she uses what is at hand....not really planning anything. It is a FAB way to use up scraps of everything, that I find clutter up my scrap stash.

*Random pic's of US {2005}*

As you can see lots of Autumn leaves product used here. If you live here in SA and are interested in stocking Autumn leaves product. Go to this link and drop Joanne a line. She is a wonderful lady & always has stock.....you won't regret it ;o)


Again Autumn leaves papers {well mostly}, stamps & rub-ons. The 'box' holding a lock of Max's hair is the discarded packaging from some Queen & Co. brads {clever hey?}. These photographs were taken using my cell phone but because I kept the size around 9cmx9cm, with a bit of Photoshop tweaking, they were totally scrap-able.

*All mine*

The beauty of this L.O, is that I used x3 'happy snaps' that were lying around. They were taken by my sister-in-law with a point and shoot 35mm camera, so the colours aren't quite right, the composition not perfect but it doesn't matter, they were moments captured spontaneously & help me remember what we were up to at the time. Again I used whatever I had lying around, I even managed to use up some of the 'girlie' Basic Grey papers that I have NO idea what to do with ;o)

Well I hope you enjoyed looking @ them as much as I enjoyed putting them together? I think as a matter of course, I MUST try and scrap like this at least once a week. The freedom of just scrapping, as opposed to hours of planning, makes for FUN, which is why we do this, isn't it?

Have a super day & be blessed by where ever you find yourself. Remember it is better to look outwards for a change, than focusing too hard on our own stuff. Kindness to someone else is how God shows Himself to this planet. {I am speaking to myself here!!}