Thursday, October 11, 2007

Living up to the mark!

Sorry for the silence guys! I have been man down with some weird viral thing.....and have been coughing & spluttering for days. x3 days of little or no sleep makes for a very grumpy Mama & rest of family too I might add. So much so that this morning after a rough night & then to be woken up @ 5.40am by an energetic little boy, I was not my best. Maxi decided he must pray for me {in our home we pray often out loud for various things through out the day, so he is used to 'talking' to Jesus}

The prayer went like this:

Dear Jesus Please can you take my Mamas sickness away. Make her all better. Cos then she won't be grumpy in the morning & she can play cars with me .......& that would be very good!!!! Amen

It really tickled me but made me feel guilty for my yuk! attitude, so I played cars with him & felt forgiven. At least until the next time I am woken up at some silly hour again & faced with some more of my yuk! attitude for being dog tired. Flip, I wish sometimes I could be like those amazing women who's blogs you read from time to time. Where their lives seem ridiculously perfect, every hair seems in place, the photographs of her children look as if they had just scrubbed clean moments before. Where the dog never gets sick, the garage door never gets stuck & PTA meeting are fun, fun, fun. Maybe it's just me but if thats the measure of great motherhood & wife is all about, I'm getting about a 2 out of 10 this week.


As I say this I am reminded tho' that we live purely by the phenomenon of GRACE, for which I am so, so grateful. An unfathomable gift given to us for free, by a God so Big, He cannot be measured or contained......yet He chose to live inside little, insignificant us. All I can do is try to remember that I wasn't made perfect but I serve a God who is and He walks beside me waiting for me to ask for His help each and every day. {Especially when I am feeling dog tired and grumpy as all heck!!!}
Life with our Saviour isn't half bad, is it??? We must keep reminding ourselves constantly that our home lies elsewhere & we are only visitors here on this planet. So 'vas-buit' as they say {the english translation means 'hang in there'.}

Have a super & hopefully encouraged day.