Monday, October 08, 2007

We are going!!!

This will be us in a month or two!!

I confirmed the tickets today....YIPEE!!!! I am still pinching myself that it is real. Wow! I can't wait to see my family again......I get so lonely for them, now all we need is a bit of snow for Maxi's first white Christmas. Please can you pray people that if this is indeed what God wants for Tersh & our family, that He will open the right doors for him to find the job of his dreams.

Best I get onto the internet & do a bit of stash shopping........'cos postage to Toronto is certainly cheaper than Cape Town.

Before I go I must tell you about a nugget that is definitely amo' for my next scrap page. To set the scene.....were driving home from church on Sunday along the coast. The road we took overlooks the ocean, so one can see for miles around False Bay....when a voice pipes up from the back:

Max: Oh look there guys {Max's new word}.
{Suitably distracted not to take much notice}Mama: ...oh WOW! babes.
Max: Mama, you are not looking!
{so much for that trick} Mama: Oh sorry, Moeks, what must I look at??
Max: The oil rig, over there.
Mama: Huh? oil rig???
Max: Yes mama, it is sucking oil out the ground.
{Double huh??????}Mama: Wow! thats amazing boy!!! Do you know what we need oil for???
{Matter of factly}Max: Of course mama, cars need oil & fuel to go!
{Now speechless} Mama: You are right about that honey, where did you learn that love?
Max: You told me Mama!!
Mama: Oh! did I....I forgot?

The moral of this story is that they are ALWAYS listening, learning, absorbing, sponging, so don't underestimate the effect your constant chatter has on their developing minds. They HEAR everything......GOOD & BAD, so be ever careful about what leaves your mouth, less you want to hear it coming out of theirs.

Have a fab. soon.