Sunday, December 16, 2007

Boy it's cold out!

{Ok, so this post is long overdue........I have had it saved in drafts for days but I just haven't had a chance to publish it until now. The other thing is that the photo's have nothing to do with the post, that is because the pic's that do are on Tersh's Mac & he has been too busy with CV/work stuff to get the pic's to me. I mean what is a post without pic's hey? They are of us building a "snow goat" .....Maxi's decision....I generally having a ball!}

Now as I was saying......

I not joking either....the temp is -12 degree's outside. We attempted a brief moment outside yesterday arvi {braving the elements that is} but lasted all of about 7 minutes before bolting back into the car. Wheeeu! we underestimated just how chilly -12 really is. Our biggest problem we are finding is we don't have the right type of clothing, so any jaunt in the snow leaves our legs, shoes & socks wet. That can be remedied tho' in a jiffy, with a visit to the Canadian outdoor store, which we plan to do next week because to brave the ski slopes without the right kit could be fatal, especially for Tersh {he wasn't called Racing Snake for nothing you know}.

We did a bit of driving around the area yesterday to get a feel for the geographic's of the surrounding area in terms of where we would like to live if Tersh is successful in finding a job here. The strong Anglo influence is very evident in architecture & design, we felt like we were in the middle of England and almost every house is dresses to the roof with all manner of Christmas paraphernalia. Santa's, sleighs, reindeer, trees, candy canes, twinkling lights etc, etc. {Obviously no Eskom problems here} The only difference between here & the UK is the ENORMOUS Canadian cars that you see compacts that's for sure. Most cars are 4x4's & heavy duty, to deal with the icy roads.
We are so enjoying staying with our family......admittedly they were a little nervous about what they were getting themselves into by letting us stay with them for the length of time we planned...but I am relieved to report that we passed with flying colours. We are all pretty easy going people so it has been a breeze all bunking together. Uncle Ian & Aunty Kathy are the most generous, understanding & AWESOME people to visit with. It has been wonderful to spend time with my cousins too.......the last time we all spent any serious time together we had only just gotten our big teeth, so this time together is sort of like a long overdue reunion.
We dressed the Christmas tree on Friday night, Uncle Ian was working overtime {until 3am!}, so it was Tersh, myself, Max & Aunty Kathy. What fun we had......Max loved discovering and unwrapping decorations that have been in the Venter family for years. Then finding just the right spot on the tree for them. It is idyllically perfect with the blinking, sparkling tree against a backdrop of snow laden holly bushes & winter maple trees, through the window. What is it about Christmas & falling snow???? It just feels right somehow!

I was tagged by Joscie the other day~ 7 more here goes!

1) A dream of mine is to brave the Canadian wilderness & head up to a mountain river & go fishing for salmon in a canoe.

2) I would love to go to a CHA one day......anywhere would do me just fine!

3) I would love to be able to enter HOF but to do that I would have to live somewhere other than SA.

4) I am really looking forward to eating a meal @ a Taco laughing!!! I love Mexican food & I have heard of Taco Bell for years but never actually been in one, so next week hopefully I will get to do that.

5) I have been planning & designing my own scrapbook range for a year now. I called it~ Doodle Studio, I am hoping that I will get to manufacture & get into stores before the end of next year.

6) I am seriously NOT a morning person....that is until I get my first mug coffee.

7) I am a ridiculously light sleeper....ticking clocks, dripping taps....squeaking of any kind keeps me awake, even the red light of our music system on the dresser wakes me up. Dumb hey?
Well guys I must go & be social....the house is filled with voices & laughter....I am in my element!
Have a super day & hopefully I will post again soon.