Thursday, December 13, 2007

Greetings & updates!

Hi there everyone! I have been so snowed under {hahaha! corny I know!} that I haven't had much free time to blog over the last couple of days. I have missed you all tho' & will pop onto your blogs when I have finished my post & see how you have all been.
I am not joking about the snowed in part you know, we have been so fortunate to have blankets & blankets of beautiful snow fall today. Not too cold fortunately, we stood in it, tasted it & threw snow balls at each other....juvenile I know but complete fun!!

Having to get on with regular life is quite a feat with so much snow lying on the ground and to drive in it, is even harder , even with salt trucks salting the roads regularly. If we move here it will take a fair amount of adjustment to the weather. That & with the snow, your clothes always feel wet.

We are having a FINE time here in Toronto. Life is relaxed & unstressed, with numerous visits to Tim Horton's, local eatery's & play time in the snow, when I can get Maxi motivated that is........oh yes & scrap shopping!!!!! Tim Horton's is an institutions here in Canada, every where you look, people are walking, heads bowed against the weather whilst sipping a cup of "Timmy's". The most popular way of acquiring a cup of the black nectar, is by driving through the drive-through...YIP! you read right, there are drive through's for everything here, even the bank ATM's hey?

My trip to Micheals was a bit overwhelming for me. There was just SO much stuff that I didn't know where to start. The plan is to look around some more before going crazy with the visa card! This is what I mean..... rows & rows of stash. Everything you could imagine just calling my name.
I saw the Martha Stewart range for the first time, a bit expensive maybe but boy it is beautiful, The colours, design & whole presentation is sophisticated & chic. I was very impressed!

I also managed to visit the Dollar store, Walmart & the scrapbook! It sounds like by now I should be heavy laden with stash but I haven't actually done much crazy shopping as yet, I want to do some price comparisons first before I swipe my plastic! I did however buy a bit today. I folded on a couple of things that I just couldn't live without a set of magnetic, M.M stamp alpha's~ typewriter font. Jo & long has it been since I have had those alpha's on back order???? I also found some Basic Grey chipboard mini album's, felt trim, tiny clear acrylic alpha stamps in an italic font & some other bits 'n bobs. My next mission is to find a McGill file tab punch. There is much method in my restraint, I promise!

Anyhow I'd better finish up, go & help my Aunt prepare supper, my cousin & her husband are coming over. Here are some more pic's of us having fun in the snow:

You have yourselves a fine night. I will try & find a gap tomorrow to post again!
Sleep tite!



  1. I love that picture of you and sweet. It is fun to play in the snow! I think the Martha Stewart line is really beautiful too (well, most of it), but too pricey.

  2. Hey Kim, it's wonderful to see how you and Tersh are having fun. I have to smile cause been there done that here and, so I KNOW the feeling. I am SO glad you finally got to see Michaels. LOVE the pic of you and Tersh in the snow. Happiness and love - wonderful to see and......... less stress on that face of Tersh's. Love from Texas xx

  3. Wow!! looks fantastic, how is that store??? Paul and I are gob smacked. Enjoy all that shopping kimmy you deserve it!! and where are more pics of the boy? x

  4. Wow! I had no idea of the range availble. Such restraint indeed. Love the pix of you and DH. Wow post - as Hannah would say "10 out of 9"

  5. You and your hubby are so cute!! I love all the pictures. I'm so glad you're enjoying your vacation. Michael's is a fun store to visit, and I can see how it would be overwhelming if it's your first time!

    Continue to have fun, and keep warm :)

  6. How cute!! I love the pic of you and hubby! I am glad you are enjoying your SB shopping so much!

  7. Oh boy, that store would send me running for home. Probably about R6000 poorer though! Love all the pics and how happy you look. Soak it all in and keep us posted!

  8. HEY kIMBERLY-JIM!!! Looks like such fun!! I am jealous, but then again I lost count of the bass yesterday, so we're even! Tersh HAS to go snowboarding so he can give me the low-down before I go in Feb!! Send our love to Ian, Cathy, Ian and Sarah.


  9. It sounds like you're having a good time! Yeah! And scrapbook shopping-heavenly!

  10. love your journaling here and your pics kim. It is neat to see Canada from someone else's persepctive. You are so right about everything though. You now know why everyone in Canada and the US are overweight... drive thru's. (ha,ha).

    Glad everything is going well for you. Hope it isn't too cold and that Toronto is treating you well.


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