Thursday, December 13, 2007

Greetings & updates!

Hi there everyone! I have been so snowed under {hahaha! corny I know!} that I haven't had much free time to blog over the last couple of days. I have missed you all tho' & will pop onto your blogs when I have finished my post & see how you have all been.
I am not joking about the snowed in part you know, we have been so fortunate to have blankets & blankets of beautiful snow fall today. Not too cold fortunately, we stood in it, tasted it & threw snow balls at each other....juvenile I know but complete fun!!

Having to get on with regular life is quite a feat with so much snow lying on the ground and to drive in it, is even harder , even with salt trucks salting the roads regularly. If we move here it will take a fair amount of adjustment to the weather. That & with the snow, your clothes always feel wet.

We are having a FINE time here in Toronto. Life is relaxed & unstressed, with numerous visits to Tim Horton's, local eatery's & play time in the snow, when I can get Maxi motivated that is........oh yes & scrap shopping!!!!! Tim Horton's is an institutions here in Canada, every where you look, people are walking, heads bowed against the weather whilst sipping a cup of "Timmy's". The most popular way of acquiring a cup of the black nectar, is by driving through the drive-through...YIP! you read right, there are drive through's for everything here, even the bank ATM's hey?

My trip to Micheals was a bit overwhelming for me. There was just SO much stuff that I didn't know where to start. The plan is to look around some more before going crazy with the visa card! This is what I mean..... rows & rows of stash. Everything you could imagine just calling my name.
I saw the Martha Stewart range for the first time, a bit expensive maybe but boy it is beautiful, The colours, design & whole presentation is sophisticated & chic. I was very impressed!

I also managed to visit the Dollar store, Walmart & the scrapbook! It sounds like by now I should be heavy laden with stash but I haven't actually done much crazy shopping as yet, I want to do some price comparisons first before I swipe my plastic! I did however buy a bit today. I folded on a couple of things that I just couldn't live without a set of magnetic, M.M stamp alpha's~ typewriter font. Jo & long has it been since I have had those alpha's on back order???? I also found some Basic Grey chipboard mini album's, felt trim, tiny clear acrylic alpha stamps in an italic font & some other bits 'n bobs. My next mission is to find a McGill file tab punch. There is much method in my restraint, I promise!

Anyhow I'd better finish up, go & help my Aunt prepare supper, my cousin & her husband are coming over. Here are some more pic's of us having fun in the snow:

You have yourselves a fine night. I will try & find a gap tomorrow to post again!
Sleep tite!