Monday, December 10, 2007

Pic's at last!

A couple of pics......

Cute hey??


  1. Aaaaaaaaa look at the family, Hi to Kath and brother Ian, T you look far too comfy on that sofa. When are you making a snowman?

  2. Great pictures!! Gotta love the snow, right? I hope you continue to have a fun time up north :)

  3. Oh my hat you must be having fun! Max is soooo cute in all that gear. Please please move there Kim so I can come and visit! LOL miss you xx

  4. fun fun fun, cant wait to see what stash you find....

  5. I've loved reading, Olivia was just asking why she has to wear clothes, then I asked her if she might be cold, if she didn't...but it is hard to be in so many layers. I hope Max will enjoy the SNOW more and more! It's gotten really warm today!

    So what is R60 comparable to in US $ ?

    Check my blog...I have a picture for you.


  6. Wow. I can't imagine needing so many layers.
    Please don't move there, I will miss you.
    I would love to see what scrapping goodies you find there too.
    Love the photos too.

  7. tagging you!
    I hope you are still enjoying your vacation!


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