Monday, December 10, 2007

Just a hi & bye!

Hello everyone. I have two minutes before I jump into the car with my Aunty Cathy to go to Micheals........oh yeah! oh yeah! Micheals....the shop I have read about on CK forum only but 2 million times. Haha! I bet you I will get there & they will have run out of stock or something, my luck :o)

My boy is sleeping, my hubbie is out with our cousin Christiaan, my uncle is getting ready to go to work & all is quiet. I am thouroughly enjoying my vacation. It is so relaxing having no agenda to follow.

We did brave the snow this took us about half an hour to work out how to dress Maxi in the snow clothes. By the time we got down the stairs & outside he was freaking out. I don't half blame him tho'......@ home he is a regular nudie & here he is encased in thermal kit from ears to toes. Needless to say our jaunt in the snow lasted all of about 20 minutes......we will try again tomorrow :o)

Well you lovely lot..I will try & post pics later once I work out to do it on the new camera. For now catch a HUGE hug.



  1. I am surprised he didn't decide he had to use the bathroom once bundled up! I hope you enjoyed michaels.

  2. Do share about Michaels. I have only heard about WarlMart?


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