Monday, December 10, 2007

For your ears only!

Hey Mumsy & Pop's....things have been so mixed up here with the time zones that we haven't even connected yet. We then decided to pick up the phone to chat, realised it was the middle of the night, then thought we'd SMS & realised Canada has a different plug system here......bought an adapter today & cell phone is now on charge. We had absolutely no time to phone when we landed @ Heathrow on our way here. By the time we got to the correct terminal {3} & got to the departure hall, we were notified that our flight to Toronto had started bording already. We caught a lift with one of those travel carts with a driver & flashing light & made it by the skin of our teeth. All our well meaning plans to buy a phone card & shop @ duty free went to pot!! Poor Maxi was promptly strapped back in his chair and made to endure another 8hrs, with no repreave. That little boy was a star...all things considered. We were being prayed for, I could feel it. Thanks everyone who sent up a prayer for us, cos they were answered.

We will hopefully get it right tommorrow.....whhooowhoo maybe even skype! P.S Maxi went beserk at Walmart today, they had "Cars's" characters.....tons of them. I don't know who was more excited us or Max & get this? They were only $2.86 each....back in SA they are R60 each!!! Things are SO much cheaper here. We bought a camera too...a compact with so many capabilities that I am sure it will give voice commands if I give it half a chance. It too is on charge, so by tomorrow I will be able to post some pic's.

Mel, Stef, Jo, Joscie, Martha, Liz & Samantha.....I have quickly popped onto all your blogs to catch up but haven't time to post comments as yet. I will when I get a gap. Glad you are all

Love as always
KJ & Crew from the snowy north {loving everry freezing minute of it}....signing out!

P.S Stood in falling snow today....quite a picture seeing Tersh & Max...mouths open, faces to sky trying in vain to catch a snow flake on their tongues.