Thursday, January 10, 2008

Do we know everything?

Hi everyone....don't read the first line, sigh & find another blog.......come on it's not that much to read.....& anyhow you might be the next to be tagged. If you want to blame someone, blame Martha she tagged me~ hahahaha! It is a slightly different tag this time, in that, there are questions to answer & then I add one more to the list. Then tag x2 other people, so here goes

The questions are...What are:

1. My 2 favorite scrapbook topics are: My family& friends

2. The 2 best places I've been to are: Florence/Italy & San Diego although Spain was amazing too & Portugal. is too hard to narrow it down to x2 places.

3. 2 things I do everyday are: Watch the sunset, cuddle my family & drink lots of diet Pepsi

4. The 2 things everyone knows about me are: I love watching SCI-Fi & I drink black coffee

5. The 2 places I wish to visit are: Our friends in Oregon & Hawaii

6. 2 things you may not know about me are: 1. I love to sing & until recently sang in our church band 2. I LOVE bass fishing

7. My two favorite foods are: Mexican {anything} & Ostrich steak

8. My two favorite musical artists are: Spyro Gyro & Cafe del Mar

9. What's the last thing you watched on television? Ummmm! I watched Star Trek on Space channel in Canada. I dunno I haven't watched TV for well over a week.

10. What is the one thing you can always count on to make you feel better? A foot rub from my bloke & having my hair brushed. {OK that's x2 things}

11. My two favorite outside activities are: Fishing {not that I get to do it much anymore} & mountain biking {not that I get to that much anymore either}

12. If you had the time, what would you do to keep fit {my question}: Kick boxing with a personal coach{I did it before I fell pregnant with Max, & miss it terribly}

I tag Inara & Jeanie. I know girls...... we have all done this time & time again...but it's fun & a great opportunity for everyone to get to know you a bit better, please play along.



  1. Having the time to exercise is one thing it's finding the inclination to exercise that stops me.

  2. ok, I'll play along!!! :)

  3. It was fun to read more about you! I love getting my hair brushed/rubbed, too. It's such a great feeling!

  4. Thank u for playing was fun to read, I would LOVE to hear more about your world travels, Portugal and Italy....ah, you lucky chick.

    Yes, I should've added "read the bible" too. But I don't read it everyday...I should!


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